All About The Ranch

Just 20 minutes from West Vancouver, it's "camp for dogs"!

The Dog Ranch Story

The first canine guests arrived at the Ranch in 2007, after dog-lover Karen Munro, a business owner looking to change professions, discovered on quiet and picturesque Bowen Island the ideal acreage on which to build her vision. She worked to shape the property into a professional leash-free, fun-filled, caring and compassionate boarding destination for Greater Vancouver and Bowen Island dogs.

Since then, thousands of dogs have arrived at the Ranch to join our special world of dog-centred love and fun.

The Dog Ranch continues to strive for excellence and Karen and her remarkable team have won many fans for their “dogs first” philosophy—and take great pride in “speaking dog”. They are passionate about assuring every dog at the Ranch is healthy, safe, and having a blast, every day of the year.


Christopher Starbeam

"Thank you for the love, excellent care, and great training that you gave to Christopher Starbeam. He came home soooo much more confident, with lots of new, good behaviours. We are so grateful."

~ Danielle LaPorte
"Christopher Starbeam"
Bella & Mati

"Bella and Mati love going to 'Doggy Disneyland' … a.k.a. Bowen Island Dog Ranch"

~ John Priestman
"Bella & Mati"


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Site visits by appointment only.

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