Island Dog Walking

It’s always a fun time for your pup in the great outdoors!

Bowen Island Dog Walking

So, your dog needs a good walk or a vigorous hike, or is pining for a paddle at the beach. When you just can’t do the honours yourself, our Bowen Island Dog Walking program is here for you. Island Dog Walking offers hikes, walks and swims from Sundays to Fridays, for both big and small dogs (see below for Small Dogs Only!).

It’s all about exercise, stimulation, and just pure fun for your pup. (And definitely convenience for you.) You decide on the activity, and we’ll come and take your dog for a healthy supervised walk or romp through Bowen’s forest trails. Or, we’ll hit the beach for a joyful splash-about, cooling swim or a spot of stick-fetching.

The Dog Ranch brings the same professionalism to Island Dog Walking as we bring to all our services. Your baby will be in the care of our highly trained and caring dog handlers, who cater to dogs’ individual needs and character.


Small Dog Fun!

This service is literally exclusive—Walks and Swims for Small Dogs only, from Sundays to Fridays. It’s big fun on a smaller scale, and perfect for little guys and gals intimidated by larger dogs (those big galoots!).

Let us know it’s for a Small Dog when you are booking!


For All Dogs: How it works

  • All dog walkers are trained at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch.
  • Your dog will be taken out several times on leash at first, to determine if they have the required level of recall. If we’re not 100% comfortable with your dog’s recall, we’ll work on it and involve you in the training process to be off leash.
  • Our vehicles are outfitted with Air Conditioning and it is kept on when we are picking up or dropping off dogs in the warm summer months.
  • We use grain-free all natural treats. You may provide your own treats, too, if your dog has any allergies. We only give treats as incentive for training commands
  • We use biodegradable doggie bags.
  • If you wish, we can send you text updates while your dog is out with us, as well as photos and video. (But, seriously, don’t worry—your dog is having the best time ever!)
  • Vaccinations required: Bordetella, DHLPP and Rabies. No exceptions for Bordetella vaccinations—every dog must be up to date.


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Bowen Island dog walking options for your pup(s), big or small:

Group Leash-Free Walks for big or small dogs
  • 1.5 hour walk, hike and/or swim in the trails and beaches on Bowen Island.
  • Your dog gets exercise, stimulation and socialization while running, swimming and playing.
  • We pick up your dog and return them safely to your specified location (home or office).
  • We constantly work on basic training and commands.
  • *Please let us know if you would like your pup to go into the small group.
Relief Breaks – Seniors & Puppies
  • For those unable to walk their dogs, especially seniors, we offer a walk around your neighbourhood to get them out of the house and have a potty break.
  • They will get some socialization, light exercise and have some fun.
  • For puppies up to 4 months, we can take them out for a quick pee and a play, make sure they haven’t had any accidents in their crate, tidy it up and put them back for you.
  • We realize while you are away at work it can be too long for your dog to hold it in, so we will pop by so you can focus on work and know that your dog is in great hands.
  • We will work on basic training and commands.
Private Walks
  • We will pick up and drop off your dog at your preferred location.
  • This walk is for dogs who don’t do well in groups or in an off-leash environment.
  • We’ll take your dog on a walk, to break up their day with a lot of stimulation, exercise and fun.
  • We will work on basic training and commands.


Group Leash-Free Walks (1.5 hrs per)
Drop-In $27
5 Pack $120 ($24 ea)
10 Pack (12 for 10) $270 ($22.50 ea)
Relief Breaks – Seniors & Puppies
30 Minutes $19
1 Hour $27
Private Walks
1 Hour $27
5 Pack $120 ($24 ea)

*Please call us regarding discounts for walking multiple dogs from the same pickup location.



Pick up /
Drop Off:
Weekends & Holidays
7:30 am - 2:00 pm
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Mon - Thurs
Noon - 5:00 pm
10:30 am - 5:00 pm

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