Be amazed by what your dog will accomplish with positive training

Positive Training For Happier Dogs

**Our training program is suspended as of March 1, 2017. Please give us a call or email to discuss if you need your pup to be trained. If you are a Professional Dog Trainer and are looking for employment, please contact us. We offer full time employment with benefits.

Combine boarding with some focused behaviour training. Be amazed by what our training team, and your dog, can accomplish!

All dogs—and their humans—need training. Proper training helps ensure a happy lifetime together of cooperation and communication. Your dog’s stay at the Ranch may be the ideal time for some focused training with our fantastic professional training team, led by a Certified Dog Trainer. From “Leash Manners” and “K9 Boot Camp” to exciting agility courses, training at the Ranch is shaped around a basic truth: A well-trained, mentally stimulated dog is a happier dog. Instinctively, they love co-operating and communicating with humans. We love to help them (and you) improve those skills.

Live on Bowen Island? Join us for scheduled training and agility classes in the fall and spring months, or ask us about individual training at your home.



"Every time I drop Tetley off at the Ranch she doesn't even say good bye to me. All I see is her happy wagging tail as she trots off up the hill with the Dog Ranch staff. They take very good care of her and when I come to pick her up she has an extra little skip in her walk - not bad for a 12 year old dog! Its nice to be able to travel and know your beloved canine child is in good hands.

Thanks to the Dog Ranch for all you do!"

~ Deb & Rick Stringfellow
Tucker, Wolfie, & Ghetti

"I just wanted to thank everyone so much for looking after Tucker and Wolfie. It’s SO NICE to get away, and not worry about them. Since they are used to walking in the woods, we really appreciate that your place is 'like the woods'. Also, Tucker is much less grumpy and nervous with other dogs after staying with you. We really appreciate you all working so hard over the holidays so that the rest of us get a break. Thank you."

~ Dr. Chris Booth & Carole Booth
"Tucker, Wolfie, & Ghetti"


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