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Group Classes

Obedience and Agility classes will start again September 10, 2017.

Classes at the Dog Ranch are led by a Certified Professional Trainer who keeps things fun and relaxed but highly informative. Classes are taught in the Dog Ranch pasture, right near at the entrance of the property.

Dog Training Details To Know Before Your Class

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the beginning of each class.
  • Leash your dog from your vehicle into the pasture, and keep your dog on a leash.
  • Running shoes or light hiking boots with traction are advised for the classes as you will be moving most of the time.
  • The trainer will help you decide which leashes and collars will work best for you and your dog.
  • Leashes: 6 foot cotton or 6 foot leather (No retractable leashes allowed).
  • Collars: Flat collars, martingale collars, head halters, or body harnesses are suggested (No choke chains or prong collars are allowed).
  • Written outlines are given at the beginning of each obedience class and an individual profile of your dog will be provided at the end of the obedience class.
  • Additional classes will be scheduled as needed, and new classes will be added as the training program advances.

All dogs must have the Dog Ranch required up-to-date vaccinations: Bordetella (once a year), DHPP (or a titre test) and Rabies (optional).

  • Payment must be made before the start of each class. We’ll contact you with an before the class starts to arrange payment.
  • Payment options: Visa, MC, Debit, Cash (no cheques).
  • GST tax is extra on all training classes.

Group Classes for your pup(s):

Agility Training

Agility with your dog, big or small, is all about fun! At the Dog Ranch, Agility is taught using positive reinforcement methods, and with a focus on safety for humans and dogs alike. The benefits are excellent: it’s a great way to help get your dog will focus and engage with you, and you’ll be providing some variety to their exercise. And it’s just the thing to help fearful or timid dogs gain confidence.

Equipment used: Jumps, Tunnels, A-Frames, Dog Walks, Pause Tables, and Weave Poles.

Skills that are taught are: Engagement, Luring, Focus, Hand Targeting, Stay, and Impulse control.

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Level 1 Beginner Obedience Class

In this class you’ll learn all the basic commands; Sit, Down, Stand, and Stay, with some distraction and recall. No more frustration and pulling on the leash! We offer a fun yet structured class, integrated with dog races and games to strengthen the relationship with your dog, using positive reinforcement methods. All family members are welcome and it’s ideal for dogs over 6 months of age.

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Level 2 Obedience Class

Training is about more than “sit”. Training is a lifelong connection you have between you and your dog. Our Level 2 class provides an engaging and mentally stimulating experience for your dog on and off-leash, using challenging distractions like duration, distance and stimulus triggers. There’s always fun games and tricks too, which is also a super-fun way to strengthen your bond with your pup even more!

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Puppy Training Class (Call Yoko if you’re interested in a Puppy Class!)

Our Puppy class is full of learning and fun! We can show you how to build a healthy relationship with your puppy and how to prevent common behaviour problems. In this class we will cover: basic obedience (focus, sit, down, stay, and come) puppy husbandry practices, appropriate socialization, leash manners, and more! Classes are structured to keep our puppies focused and having fun. During class the puppies will get a chance to play with one another, but they will also learn about self control and recall around other dogs. Each week you will receive homework so the learning can continue at home.

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Certified Professional Dog Trainer Yoko Sakai

A born teacher and dog lover, Yoko Sakai is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and launched her own dog training business Bow Wow Academy and is now partnering with the Bowen Island Dog Ranch offering our training class program specializing in positive reinforcement methods.

Yoko has trained hundreds of dogs privately and was Wagzone’s Dog Trainer in North Vancouver, where she offered multiple levels of Obedience and Agility classes, and also worked with reactive dogs. Yoko achieved her Professional Dog Trainer designation through Georgina Bradley (CPDT-KA-DTP) at DogStars Professional Dog Trainers Program in Vancouver, and has become accredited through Dr. Dunbar’s Science-based Reactive Dog Training Program.

Her goal is to help more canine friends and their humans build happier and safer lives together.


Agility Training
Course Cost $175.00
Level 1 & 2 Beginner Obedience Class
Course Cost $165.00
Puppy Class (Call Yoko if you’re interested in a Puppy Class!)
Course Cost  $165


Brew & Brynn

"The best recommendation for the Bowen Dog Ranch comes from our two dogs. The moment I turn into the driveway they both start to squeal with joy and wag their tails like crazy! Both dogs have stayed for extended periods of time (up to three weeks) and come home happy, healthy and exhausted."

~ Catherine Bayley
"Brew & Brynn"
Christopher Starbeam

"Thank you for the love, excellent care, and great training that you gave to Christopher Starbeam. He came home soooo much more confident, with lots of new, good behaviours. We are so grateful."

~ Danielle LaPorte
"Christopher Starbeam"


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