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Private Training

Private lessons are temporarily unavailable. Please call us if you and your pup need some training help!

Prefer to train your dog individually at home? Or focus on solving a pesky behaviour problem? A customized private session is the answer. With one-on-one sessions—at your home or the Dog Ranch—you’ll learn how to train your dog, and eliminate or manage problem behaviours

Private Training Classes Available:

Private In-Home Behaviour Training

In-home training can help you effectively handle a specific behaviour your dog is performing. You’ll learn how to communicate better with your dog, and receive a specific training plan to help you achieve success.

What behaviours can we help with? Leash walking, dog or human reactivity, recall, separation anxiety, chewing, house training, barking, puppy training.

New Dog Owner 101

The Dog Ranch offers a three-session “basics” package, so you can enjoy your new canine companion from day one. Acquired a new puppy or a rescue dog? We can get you started on the right…paw. In three separate in-home sessions you’ll learn all the details about good dog owner-ship and how to create a happy, cooperative dog. This package covers it all: Proper nutrition and exercise, training, socialization and, of course, how to “speak dog”.


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Private In-Home Behaviour Training
Cost $60.00 per hour
New Dog Owner 101
Cost $60.00 per hour


Brew & Brynn

"The best recommendation for the Bowen Dog Ranch comes from our two dogs. The moment I turn into the driveway they both start to squeal with joy and wag their tails like crazy! Both dogs have stayed for extended periods of time (up to three weeks) and come home happy, healthy and exhausted."

~ Catherine Bayley
"Brew & Brynn"
Christopher Starbeam

"Thank you for the love, excellent care, and great training that you gave to Christopher Starbeam. He came home soooo much more confident, with lots of new, good behaviours. We are so grateful."

~ Danielle LaPorte
"Christopher Starbeam"


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