Just 20 minutes from West Vancouver, it's "camp for dogs"!

Inside a Dog's Paradise: A Typical Day at the Ranch

The Dog Ranch is really “Camp for dogs.” We cater to each dog, ensuring a healthy balance of play and sleep. Depending on those individual needs, here’s a peek at your pup’s typical day:

  • We prefer to receive new dogs in the morning, ahead of midday playtime. This helps alleviate any stress your dog may feel adapting to new surroundings inside and outside before nighttime.
  • If your dog arrives in your car, he or she will be greeted at the “Pup Shack” office next to our parking area. If they come via our City Shuttle, they disembark at the boarding facilities.
  • A typical day starts at around 7:30 a.m. (8 a.m. weekends and holidays), when dogs are woken up and let outside to potty and play in groups for at least an hour before breakfast, depending on their energy level and needs. During this time we also assess any individual feeding, medical, grooming and training needs.
  • Once the dogs enter the Dog Ranch, they can sniff and roam the forested Barn area and get comfortable with staff before we introduce them, slowly and carefully, to the other dogs.
  • All dogs are completely leash-free for the rest of their stay at the Dog Ranch.
  • We remove collars once dogs are registered as guests, as collars are a potential safety hazard during rambunctious play.
  • The early morning outside playtime is usually a lively one, and is followed by a rest before breakfast.
  • Dogs are fed breakfast and dinner in their rooms, and always have a nap afterwards to digest.
  • Dogs go outdoors early afternoon again for more play time, with opportunities for more romps and sniffing around (and peeing on our many, many trees)…before dinner.
  • At around 7:30 – 8:00 p.m., the dogs go out for a final potty and a stroll before settling down for the night.
  • Outside, dogs are constantly supervised within our double-fenced acreage of forest and trails. Ranch dog handlers are always interacting with the dogs, checking for medical issues, and ensuring they are playing with other dogs of similar size and temperament.
  • Please note: To facilitate this off-leash environment, your dog must be obedient enough to come when called by our staff, male or female.

Board & Train Program

Come home to a more cooperative, more stimulated pup! Before your dog’s stay, call or email us to book some training sessions, and our instructor will work those pesky behaviours your pup needs work on while you’re away

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Dates We're Full

We get very busy and often full for boarding during the times when the kids are out of school. This includes Long Weekends, Summer, Xmas, and March Break. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment!


If your dog is coming in for boarding or day camp, please ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date. We have a 5-7 day window from when you have them done before your dog can socialize here. We appreciate your diligence on making sure they are valid.

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Tucker, Wolfie, & Ghetti

"I just wanted to thank everyone so much for looking after Tucker and Wolfie. It’s SO NICE to get away, and not worry about them. Since they are used to walking in the woods, we really appreciate that your place is 'like the woods'. Also, Tucker is much less grumpy and nervous with other dogs after staying with you. We really appreciate you all working so hard over the holidays so that the rest of us get a break. Thank you."

~ Dr. Chris Booth & Carole Booth
"Tucker, Wolfie, & Ghetti"

"We’ve been taking our very active Standard Poodle to the Dog Ranch for her entire life. She's a bit delicate and fussy with her food and they always go the extra mile and give her the attention she needs. When she comes home she's happy and feeling content with all the exercise and play time she gets. Thank you BIDR."

~ Ceddie Peacock


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