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Best Dog Boarding in Vancouver

why choose us

Here, it’s all about dogs, all the time.

Established in 2007, the Bowen Island Dog Ranch has been the most caring and professional boarding destination for Metro Vancouver’s dogs. We’re confident that with our approach, so you can always count on a healthy, safe and positive environment for your dog. 

The Great Outdoors

The Dog Ranch’s outdoor experience is beyond compare, with many large corralled areas throughout multi-leveled trails, forest and pasture. At the Ranch, dogs are free to roam and interact. And are always under the eagle eyes of our skilled dog handlers. Many hours of supervised outdoor playtime with compatible small groups of dogs are the highlight of the Ranch’s structured daily routine of playing, eating, napping and sleeping. Oh yes, it’s definitely a dog’s life here!

Calm Indoor Rest

Dogs need fun, but they also need to nap throughout the day to re-energize. Outdoor time is balanced with lots of rest in a calm place. Indoors, dogs enjoy a pleasant, warm and scrupulously clean environment, sleeping on comfy bedding in a friendly configuration of individual or shared rooms (not cages). To provide the calm environment indoors, we also play “dog sleeping music” (yes, there is such a thing!)

Dog Walking with Owner on a Leash

Qualified Dog Handlers

We really do “speak dog” here. Every Dog Ranch team member is a qualified dog handler and we train intensively to ensure a professional approach to caring for our canine guests. We keep daily and health journals to enhance communication among staff, ensuring there is no missed information, as well as performing health checks. For maximum care and attention, depending on how many dogs are boarding with us, there is at least two-three or more handlers who work with each group of dogs at all times.

Strict Vaccinations Policy & Un-fixed dogs.

We take vaccinations very seriously. Your dog will be interacting outside and possibly sleeping near many other dogs in the same building, and vaccinations are proven to prevent any issues. That’s why we insist your pup is up to date!

We do not accept un-spayed or un-neutered dogs, or dogs that are aggressive.

Your Dog’s Health and Wellness

If a problem arises that may require veterinary attention, we will consult with or local Bowen Vet Hospital, Caulfeild Vet or our mainland emergency vet hospitals, and take appropriate action. We maintain close connections with the North Shore’s and Vancouver’s many fine veterinary hospitals and vets to help keep your dog healthy when they’re with us.

Healthy Buildings

We ventilate all our buildings to keep the indoor air healthy and fresh. During the summer months, buildings and dogs are kept cool with AC, humidifiers and fans as needed. In the cooler months we keep warm with in-floor heating. We constantly clean and disinfect every room in every building daily, as well as all our vehicles and water buckets—indeed, everything that dogs come into contact with.

Healthy Grounds & Water

You’ll be glad to hear we practice high standards in poop cleanup and disposal, with fast removal to our various septic systems around the property. Just so you know! Our water comes from the Ranch property well and is vigorously filtered through a variety of UV water filtration systems for the freshest and cleanest tasting Bowen Island water!

Safe Double-Fenced Terrain

The Ranch’s rural landscape changes with seasons and time, so we work continuously to maintain a safe, secure and dog-friendly terrain for your—and our—peace of mind. All common areas and the entire double-fenced perimeter, are kept in excellent repair. Our 43 gates are secured with double-locked systems and dogs are loaded in and out of the shuttle vehicles in a double-gated area.

Serious About Security

Ranch guests are also protected by a 24 hour fire-monitoring in each of the boarding facilities.

Food & Medications Routine

While you’re away, we maintain your dog’s balanced diet by feeding him his own food, on schedule, provided and specified by you. We also keep a daily record of any medications required and given.

Always Cage Free

The Dog Ranch is the “un-kennel”. In conventional kennels, dogs are caged with little or no outdoor access, and can only interact from their cages. They are not well-exercised, nor individually touched and loved. The result? A very high stress level. So, we don’t identify as a kennel because, frankly, it implies isolation and cages—the complete opposite of what we believe in and deliver.

Together, our team is devoted to ensuring every dog is safe, healthy, learning a lot—and having a total blast at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch!

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