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Looking for an expert dog trainer in the Metro Vancouver area? We’ve got you covered. Our team is managed by owner Karen Munro and expert dog trainer Head Trainer and Operations Manager Carey Bolduc. We are guided by our Operation Manual and Employee Handbooks that cover all aspects of caring for dogs, and all staff have up to date qualifications.

Karen Munro, Owner and Managing Director, Bowen Dog Ranch

Karen Munro

Owner and Managing Director

Karen founded and built the Dog Ranch in 2007, and now as managing director, she oversees the general Ranch operations and all canine and human satisfaction. She can jump into almost any role, and works tirelessly to ensure the Dog Ranch delivers the highest quality, totally dog-centered, force-free training and boarding services in Metro Vancouver and on Bowen Island.

Carey Bolduc, Head Trainer, Bowen Island Dog Ranch

Carey Bolduc

Head Dog Trainer and Operations Manager

Carey Bolduc is our amazing Operations Manager, Head Trainer and expert dog trainer in residence. She has trained hundreds of dogs and is a specialist in board and train. Her talents go far beyond the basics: she has years of expertise in human/canine interactions and puts learning at the heart of every session. You’ll find Carey is a fun-loving and supportive trainer, ready to coach owners and their pups.

Carey Bolduc is also accredited through:

  • PetSmart Accreditation
  • Dr. Dunbar’s Science-based Reactive Dog Training Program
  • Crucial Concepts in Dog Behaviour and Training, SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy
  • Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression
  • Say Yes! Dog Training Recallers Program, Susan Garrett,
  • Separation Anxiety – Mission Possible, Malena DiMartini,
  • Professional Dog Walker Certificate, Langara College with Dr. Rebecca Ledger,
  • Advanced Dog Behaviour, Keeping Dogs Safe, Difficult Dog Behaviour, Typical Dog Behaviour, Cooperative Dog Training, Canine Behaviour Training Diploma Course – Centre of Excellence, Certified Dognition Evaluator, Doggone Safe Raw food and canine behaviour, Pet first aid Walks ‘N’ Wags.
  • Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
  • Pet Professional Guild, Doggone Safe
  • Fear Free Homes
Sean Pike

Sean Pike

Dog Handler and Property Maintenance

Bowen Islander Sean Pike is an experienced dog handler and all-round invaluable member of the Dog Ranch team. Sean always goes the extra mile to help dogs who need that little bit of extra TLC to feel fully comfortable with us. His ability to jump quickly from one task to another—from dog handling to ranch maintenance—makes him a great addition to the team. Sean’s passion for photography helps us with our social media presence. He is thoroughly professional in everything he does. His super power? The pups totally adore him.

Caroline Stanlawski

Caroline Stanlawski

Junior Trainer and Dog Handler

Her degree and former life may be in food engineering, but after Caroline Stanlawski moved to Canada from her native Brazil a few years ago, she discovered her passion for taking care of dogs. Her love of dogs led her to work with us at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch. She has experience in business and customer satisfaction roles in both countries, a great background for her new career in the growing field of professional dog handling and training. Caroline is popular with people and pups alike at the Dog Ranch.

Kaelyn Denis-Lay

Kaelyn Denis-Lay

Dog Handler and Training Assistant

A Bowen Islander from an early age, Kaelyn works part time at the Dog Ranch while attending high school. She has an amazing ability to connect with dogs, and it makes complete sense that she plans to become a veterinarian. We are delighted that the Dog Ranch is currently part of her journey toward that goal.

Dane Gilbert

Dane Gilbert

Dog Handler and Training Assistant

Dane is a second generation dog handler coming onboard when his sister moved onto University. First as a volunteer then as a dog handler, his love for the dogs is clear and the dogs absolutely adore his gentleness and big heart. Dane also is enjoying learning the new dog training skills and sometimes helps around the property, We are thrilled to have him as part of our team.

Alex Denis-Lay

Alex Denis-Lay

Property & Building Maintenance

Alex has provided essential help to Karen since 2014, helping oversee not only the maintenance of the Dog Ranch’s 5 acres and all it’s buildings, but has also been the contractor for all major renovations. Alex is a invaluable part of the Dog Ranch team, always with a great attitude that everything to be fixed and built is always done with the dogs safety in mind.

Everyone who works at the Dog Ranch is thoroughly trained and educated in dog handling and canine safety.

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