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Bored Or Board? Keeping Vancouver Dogs Happy!

Happy Dog at the Ranch

If you’re on the “wet coast” like we are, we know that our autumn sunny days are numbered and the rain is coming. We’re a little romantic about rain at The Ranch because we’re in the woods and it’s a beautiful thing to see raindrops on the leaves around us and a group of dogs playing outside!

That said, you are going to have some days when you simply can’t get your pup to us, and so:

Here are some tips to help keep your pup stimulated regardless of the weather!

1. Get Social!

And we’re not talking social media! If you aren’t able to go for a long walk on a beach, or to the park, or in the trails, take your dog out to meet people! Practice taking him to your local pet store or vet just to walk around and say Hi! It’s great for him and it connects you with your community too!

2) Schedule a play date!

Just like we do for our children, we can do the same for our dogs! Consider scheduling a weekly playdate with one of his favourite pals. If your pup doesn’t have a playmate yet, now is the time to build your friendships and enjoy some of the great perks of having a pet.

3) How about Hide and Seek?

It’s great for their mind, their body and builds their recall skills. Here is how it works: Each family member puts some treats in his or her pocket and then takes a turn hiding in the house, calling the dog to them and then rewarding him! Remember, when the treats are finished say ALL DONE which also gives the cue to the next family member to call on him!

4) Play Tug-o-Fetch!

You guessed it, find a durable rope that your dog can tug on, clear a space in the house (hallways are great choices), and practice fetch, tug and drop it with him! Have fun!

The rain doesn’t have to mean dull and grey, it can mean lots of love and laughter too! See you at The Ranch!


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