Tick Tips Part 2

What is the concern about ticks you may ask?

Well, first off, there’s a bit of an “ick” factor to them because they hitch a ride on your dog’s fur, and then they burrow into their skin. That’s not very fun for you pup. On top of that, some of them carry lyme disease (in BC is less than 1%), which is life-threatening to your pup.

In our previous blog we gave you some pointers on how to avoid ticks. In this blog we’re going to tell you what the symptoms are if your pup becomes one of the 1% that has contracted Lyme disease.

Here are the symptoms:

  1. Fever
  2. Walking stiffly
  3. Appears fatigued or depressed
  4. Low appetite
  5. He is sensitive to touch
  6. Periodic lameness in limbs due to inflammation in his joints

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Tick Tips Part One

Your dog needs exercise and his favourite place to run is likely in the woods.

If you are in Vancouver, it might be Pacific Spirit Park, or maybe your pup has been fortunate enough to spend a few night with us at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch. Because we have many deer on the island, we are well versed in TICK language, though we are fortunate as the deer don’t come near our property with all the dogs around! Here are a few pointers to help you become as ‘in the know’ as we are.

1) After a lovely long walk through long grass, or through the trees at the park, be sure to look him over fully. Feel around the neck, the ears, and flanks, and give him a thorough once over with your hands. He’ll feel loved, and you’ll feel relieved!

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Running And Biking With Rover!

Running and biking with your pup is a great way for you to have some fun together. Depending on the right circumstances, age and breed of your dog, running and biking can also be a good way to maintain prime health for you and your pup.

Owners need to ensure that weather conditions are appropriate as extremes of hot or cold can cause respiratory problems and other issues. If you’ve never tried exercising with your pooch some things to be cautious of are hot concrete, salted streets, and other dogs or distractions that might make them uneasy.

Be sure to start slowly and progress gradually and hydrate your pup properly.

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Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy After A Summer Swim

In the summer time one of the best activities you can do with your dog is to take them to the beach to cool off in the ocean and have some fun. Although your dog may look healthy after their dip, tiny microbes can stick on your dog’s coat and get into their skin if they aren’t rinsed off. By washing your dog off with fresh water after they swim you’ll help prevent any skin issues with the added bonus of getting rid of that low-tide smell!

In addition, drinking seawater may cause very upset tummies. Try to keep your pup from drinking excessive amounts.

Happy swimming!

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Understanding Ticks & How To Remove Them From Your Dog

Ticks are common during the spring and summer season months when your dog is adventuring in the woods and open fields. Identifying them early can keep your dog from discomfort, possible infection and Lyme disease.

Search for ticks in your dogs fur where they might be crawling and run your hands over your dogs skin to feel for any unusual bumps. The most common areas they attach themselves too are the neck, face, and ears. Sometimes they will venture to the other areas of the body so it’s best to check the whole body, especially after a walk. If the tick has attached itself to your dogs body you won’t see the head as it’s under the skin. You’ll see and feel a dark oval-shaped sack which will grow in size with the more blood it consumes, and it can become quite large.

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