Understanding Ticks & How To Remove Them From Your Dog

Ticks are common during the spring and summer season months when your dog is adventuring in the woods and open fields. Identifying them early can keep your dog from discomfort, possible infection and Lyme disease.

Search for ticks in your dogs fur where they might be crawling and run your hands over your dogs skin to feel for any unusual bumps. The most common areas they attach themselves too are the neck, face, and ears. Sometimes they will venture to the other areas of the body so it’s best to check the whole body, especially after a walk. If the tick has attached itself to your dogs body you won’t see the head as it’s under the skin. You’ll see and feel a dark oval-shaped sack which will grow in size with the more blood it consumes, and it can become quite large.

To pull the tick out, invest in a $2 tick remover because most times if you use your fingers and nails you won‘t be able to completely remove the head that’s under the skin (if the head stays in the skin there’s a much greater chance of infection). Place the fork of the tick remover right against the skin where the ticks head has gone in and twist in a quick upward motion pulling hard to free the head from under the skin. Make sure the tick is dead before discarding it. Disinfect the wound especially if the head does not fully come out. If the wound continues to be infected after 24 hours a visit your vet is advised to prevent a bad infection.

The greatest danger with ticks is that they may carry Lyme disease which can cause permanent harm to you and your dog. Symptoms include fatigue, chills, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. If untreated you or your dog could go into the second stage of Lyme disease which is more aggressive. If you or your dog are experiencing any of these symptoms get take your dog to your local vet and see your doctor. Lyme disease is not that common but it’s best to be safe than sorry.


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