So Like A Toddler, So Like A Dog.

Cheeky Charlie at the Bowen Dog Ranch

Cheeky Charlie at The Ranch

Ever been in a restaurant with a toddler running around? They pull on table cloths, they squirm and slide under the table, they fling their food, and they demand attention all the time. It’s exhausting for the parents, the child and the other guests in the restaurant!

We’re not trying to suggest that dogs are like toddlers, although they are pretty close when they’re a puppy aren’t they? What we are saying, is that an untrained dog is exhausting for all parties involved including your dog!

To make the most of your relationship with your dog, you need to teach and train him or her some important skills that will help her, you and everyone involved so you can live happily together! As well, learning how to train your dog will enhance the bond between you and ensure her safety! Dogs love to learn and they love being rewarded. Here are some things to consider when starting out:

Choosing your approach. There are lots of methods out there but the number one thing to remember is you must reward what you like, and never reward what you don’t.

Communicate clearly. Dogs don’t speak human so your chatter does not compute to them! Be consistent and always reward or discipline them immediately so they connect your reaction to their behaviour.

Hire a professional, and learn with your dog! Consistent implementation is what it takes! If you are willing to learn WITH your pup, you can take home some great skills and begin practicing right away.

Remember, your dog wants to relax and follow your cues. A trained dog is a confident and love-able one.

Check out our popular Board & Train package at The Ranch! As a full service boarding facility we speak dog and can teach you how to do the same!


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