Tick Tips Part One

Remove a Tick from your Dog

Your dog needs exercise and his favourite place to run is likely in the woods.

If you are in Vancouver, it might be Pacific Spirit Park, or maybe your pup has been fortunate enough to spend a few night with us at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch. Because we have many deer on the island, we are well versed in TICK language, though we are fortunate as the deer don’t come near our property with all the dogs around! Here are a few pointers to help you become as ‘in the know’ as we are.

1) After a lovely long walk through long grass, or through the trees at the park, be sure to look him over fully. Feel around the neck, the ears, and flanks, and give him a thorough once over with your hands. He’ll feel loved, and you’ll feel relieved!

2) Avoid letting him off-leash in tall grassy areas, believe it or not, wooded areas are a little bit better. Ticks love the to sit on low-lying bush salal, and they love grass, so be aware.

3) Consider having a conversation with your vet about tick removal product that he recommends. Be sure to ask how to use it and follow the instructions. There are a lot of options out there these days. Disinfect the area when the tick is removed. It may form a scab and that’s normal.

4) Purchase a TICK REMOVER from your vet. They are simple to use, and far easier to handle than using tweezers. More to come in Ticks part two…

5) Remember, in BC less than 1% of ticks carry Lyme disease. Be aware. Be careful, and don’t panic if your dog has been bitten by a tick. Every year be sure to have your dog’s blood-work done during his annual visit.


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