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TOP TEN REASONS To Bring Your Dog To The Bowen Island Dog Ranch

Top Ten Reasons to bring your Dog to us!

#1 No Cancellation Fees

You heard right – we know you’ll be back when your schedule lines up again! The only time we ask for a deposit is during the Xmas week, and always try and fill your dogs spot so we can give you back your deposit if you have to cancel.

#2 Our Day is 33 Hours!

When we pick up your pup (or you drop him off) as early as 7:30am daily, and you can’t pick him up until 5pm the following day… that’s a 33 HOUR DOGGY DAY!

#3 We Take Security Seriously

Our main indoor facility not only has a 24 hour fire monitoring system and camera’s, but a staff member lives in the Ranch house which is only 200’ feet away. Our property is also double fenced for your pups security with multiple professional dog handlers on at all times. Should a surprise happen, we’re always prepared.

#4 Registered Veterinary Technician

Your prized pup is our priority with our full time vet tech available for immediate medical attention if needed. There’s also a full-service veterinary hospital on Bowen Island with access to a 24 hour emergency Vet if needed. All the Dog Ranch staff are certified in “DogSafe Canine First Aid”.

#5 Certified Master Trainer

Have your dog taught one behavior or full obedience and take advantage of our Board ‘n’ Train program and pick up a better trained pup!

#6 Professional Groomer

Our groomer Ellen has over 40 years of experience loving and grooming all breeds of dogs. You can add a groom to your dog’s boarding and pick up a freshly pampered pup!

#7 Outdoor Fun!

Acres of room to run the trails in the forest, climb on logs, dig in the sandbox, so your dog can have an leash-free play vacation, just like you!

#8 Structured Daily Routine

We group the dogs based on their personality and character, size and breed, so they have a daily structured routine of play, eat, nap and sleep with lots of TLC all day long.

#9 Where a Dog can be a Dog

We are Vancouver’s premier go-to dog boarding, training and grooming facility. We do it all so you don’t have to and they can have the time of their life at camp doing what dogs do best, having fun!

#10 We Speak Dog

We love what we do.
We love dogs.
We’ll love YOURS too!


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