TOP TEN REASONS To Bring Your Dog To The Bowen Island Dog Ranch

Top Ten Reasons to bring your Dog to us!

#1 No Cancellation Fees

You heard right – we know you’ll be back when your schedule lines up again! The only time we ask for a deposit is during the Xmas week, and always try and fill your dogs spot so we can give you back your deposit if you have to cancel.

#2 Our Day is 33 Hours!

When we pick up your pup (or you drop him off) as early as 7:30am daily, and you can’t pick him up until 5pm the following day… that’s a 33 HOUR DOGGY DAY!

#3 We Take Security Seriously

Our main indoor facility not only has a 24 hour fire monitoring system and camera’s, but a staff member lives in the Ranch house which is only 200’ feet away. Our property is also double fenced for your pups security with multiple professional dog handlers on at all times. Should a surprise happen, we’re always prepared.

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Ticks Part Three – How To Remove One From Your Pup!

Diagram: How to Remove a Tick from your Dog

Removing a tick is simple when you have help!

At the Bowen Island Dog Ranch we know how to remove ticks should your dog be bitten by one. We recommend buying a tick remover from your vet as they are simple and easy to use and will ensure that the head of the tick that has attached itself to your dog comes out as the body does.

First things first – your gear!

  • Pair of gloves
  • A commercial tick remover
  • Antiseptic
  • Isopropyl alcohol

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Tick Tips Part 2

Putting Tick Medication on your Dog

What is the concern about ticks you may ask?

Well, first off, there’s a bit of an “ick” factor to them because they hitch a ride on your dog’s fur, and then they burrow into their skin. That’s not very fun for you pup. On top of that, some of them carry lyme disease (in BC is less than 1%), which is life-threatening to your pup.

In our previous blog we gave you some pointers on how to avoid ticks. In this blog we’re going to tell you what the symptoms are if your pup becomes one of the 1% that has contracted Lyme disease.

Here are the symptoms:

  1. Fever
  2. Walking stiffly
  3. Appears fatigued or depressed
  4. Low appetite
  5. He is sensitive to touch
  6. Periodic lameness in limbs due to inflammation in his joints

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Tick Tips Part One

Remove a Tick from your Dog

Your dog needs exercise and his favourite place to run is likely in the woods.

If you are in Vancouver, it might be Pacific Spirit Park, or maybe your pup has been fortunate enough to spend a few night with us at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch. Because we have many deer on the island, we are well versed in TICK language, though we are fortunate as the deer don’t come near our property with all the dogs around! Here are a few pointers to help you become as ‘in the know’ as we are.

1) After a lovely long walk through long grass, or through the trees at the park, be sure to look him over fully. Feel around the neck, the ears, and flanks, and give him a thorough once over with your hands. He’ll feel loved, and you’ll feel relieved!

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Friends With The Association For The Protection Of Fur Bearing Animals

Meeting with Association


Owner of the Dog Ranch is Karen Munro at the far right standing with the ladies from LUSH cosmetics who volunteer their time with APFA.

Photograph by: Debra Stringfellow

It’s not always easy co-existing with wildlife on this island, but it’s definitely an aspect of rural living that most locals appreciate and respect. Being able to witness a family of beavers, our national symbol, swimming along the shorelines of the lagoon is a rare treat for most. It’s unfortunate but these large nocturnal, semi-aquatic animals do have a reputation for being destructive. They chew down trees and dam brooks and streams.

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