Bowen Island Dog Ranch Dream Video

Kat and Cam of Turtlebox Productions here on Bowen Island shot and produced this great video of their dog “Indy” dreaming of being at the Dog Ranch.

They approached us with this great idea of shooting the Dog Ranch from a dogs view point and we spent a day with Kat and Cam and their upside-down camera following all the dogs here for the day. It seemed like a great opportunity to show what the Dog Ranch is all about. So fun!

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Life Doesn’t Get Better Than This…

No leashes, plenty of trails to run on, a warm bed: Bowen Island Dog Ranch has it all.

Marcus Hondro
Staff Contributor
Original article

You will not often hear of us humans having the chance to take a walk with 25 dogs. And for us to have that experience without hearing a single bark is, well, virtually unheard of. Put that many Rovers together and at least one of them is certain to make that familiar sound, right? Wrong actually. Or at least not at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch. I took a walk at the ranch Tuesday, March 9 with 25 active and joyful canines. Also along were Karen and Scott Munro, who own and operate the ranch, and two of their employees, ranch manager Jocelyn Cannem and Tempest Thornhill.

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