Friends With The Association For The Protection Of Fur Bearing Animals


Owner of the Dog Ranch is Karen Munro at the far right standing with the ladies from LUSH cosmetics who volunteer their time with APFA.

Photograph by: Debra Stringfellow

It’s not always easy co-existing with wildlife on this island, but it’s definitely an aspect of rural living that most locals appreciate and respect. Being able to witness a family of beavers, our national symbol, swimming along the shorelines of the lagoon is a rare treat for most. It’s unfortunate but these large nocturnal, semi-aquatic animals do have a reputation for being destructive. They chew down trees and dam brooks and streams.

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Bowen Island Dog Ranch Featured In The Bowen Island Undercurrent

Strict Vaccinations Policy

Dog owners know their fluffy bundles of joy deserve the best. In the world of Vancouver dog boarding, that means trusting the experts at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch to look out for fido, whether its for a day or a week.

Recently, the impressive work of Bowen Island Dog Ranch was featured in the Bowen Island Undercurrent business section. The Bowen Island Undercurrent reports on news, arts and culture from Bowen Island and the city of Vancouver, and the article highlights the “canine care dream team” and the unique dog boarding experience your pooch will get when they stay at the ranch.


As the Undercurrent explains, the Bowen Island Dog Ranch is not your typical doggy daycare, with carefully selected handlers, trainers and groomers on staff, and a specially-designed dog-friendly terrain to keep your fur pup happy and active during their stay. Not only does the ranch have acres of securely-fenced land for the dogs to romp in, but it also provided a warm and cozy indoor space for those much-needed naps.

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