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Professional Grooming For Cats

A clean cat is a happy cat, and our groomer Ellen is here to help! From nail trims to bathing, a little maintenance goes a long way. Grooming your cat’s coat, eyes, ears, and skin on a regular basis will keep them healthier, too—for example, by preventing digestive problems caused by hairballs. Brushing with a brush or comb will help keep kitty’s hair in good condition, removing dirt and distributing natural oils throughout her coat, preventing tangles, and keeping skin clean and irritant-free. With our professional cat grooming services, your cat will go home feeling, looking and smelling great.

Please note: There are some cats who do not tolerate being groomed. If your feline fights the cat grooming process, and there is some potential that injury could occur to your cat or our groomer, please let us know ahead of time, or Ellen will contact you if this happens.

Cat Grooming Services & Prices

Full Groom (Including Bath, Haircut, & Nails) $85
Brush & Nails $50
Bath, Brush, & Nails $65
De-Matting Ask For Quote


  Small Cat Medium Cat Large Cat
Discount For Multiple Dogs & Cats From The Same Family 10% 10% 10%
Discount For Monthly Dog & Cat Grooms From The Same Family 10% 10% 10%

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Make an appointment online, or by calling Ellen directly (604) 349-6745. If you book online, you can still call her to discuss your grooming session. Or email her at [email protected].


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