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Just 20 minutes from West Vancouver, it's "camp for dogs" here!

Bowen Island Dog Ranch

1302 Adams Road
Bowen Island, BC, Canada
V0N 1G2

Bowen Island, British Columbia is a 20 minute ferry ride from BC Ferry Terminal in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver.

Dog Ranch Main Office
(604) 947-6965
[email protected]

Leila Kamil, Head Groomer:
(604) 349-6745
[email protected]

Driving Directions To The Dog Ranch

  • Driving Directions to the Dog Ranch from Snug Cove Terminal is an approximate 6 kilometre drive through the island going West at 30-40 km/h.
  • Check out BC Ferries schedule to make sure the ferry is on time. And please note the strict 10 minute cut-off time before any ferry departure—after which they will not sell you a ticket for the sailing. Always allow lots of time when catching a ferry
  • Local driving directions: Drive off the ferry in Snug Cove and straight up the hill. Get into the right lane and go through the intersection. Drive slowly through the intersection, and note the 30 km/h limit at all times in the school zone just after the intersection.
  • Keep going straight at the top of the hill (you’ll see the school and playing fields on your right).
  • You’ll be driving 10 minutes through the middle of the island on the main road with the traffic (Grafton Road). Landmarks will be the Artisan Square road entrance on your left, the fire station on your right, Grafton Lake on your right, Irly’s Hardware Store on the left and the nursery on the right, after which you’ll turn right at the Adams Road sign.
  • You will see the Dog Ranch sign about a half-mile along, at 1302 Adams Road, on the right side of the road.
  • When you arrive at the Dog Ranch entrance, follow the signs down the driveway to the office parking area at The Pup Shack (Dog Ranch lower office). If we are not there to greet you, open the intercom box and identify yourself by speaking into the microphone. Press the microphone button on the side with your thumb to talk, and release it to listen. We will respond to you over our radios and then it’ll take a few minutes to walk down from the facilities to meet you.
  • Please leash your dog before they leave your vehicle. (Of course, as soon as they are securely inside the Dog Ranch double-fenced area, the leashes are off, and the fun begins.)


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Site visits by appointment only.

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