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Covid Safety Policies

covid-19 policies

It’s Always Safety First At The Dog Ranch

The Bowen Island Dog Ranch adheres to strict Covid-19 safety policies and procedures, and will continue to do so until health authorities confirm that the pandemic has ended.


Committed to doing their part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 by, our Dog Ranch staff are:

  • Keeping their social bubbles small.
  • Practicing diligent hand-washing hygiene at all times.
  • Physically distancing as much as possible.
  • Wearing masks as needed.


We sanitize our indoor facilities regularly and thoroughly, to ensure constant hygenic cleanliness for dogs and humans alike.


Please note that procedures have changed.


We ask that you do not visit the Dog Ranch if you are feeling unwell, showing any signs of illness, or have been traveling and are self-quarantining. Please ask someone else who is healthy and uncompromised to pick up and drop off your dog. Thanks for adhering to our Covid-19 safety policies.


We have removed the two-way radio from the Pup Shack Office which, in the past, you would use to advise us of your arrival:

  • Instead, when you arrive or are close to arriving, please call our cell phone at (604) 349-6745.
  • A staff member will come to the Pup Shack office to greet you and your dog.
  • With fewer staff at present than normal, we are unable to monitor emails at all times—so please be sure to use the cell phone number above.
  • Please wear a mask when picking up and dropping off your dogs at the Pup Shack, and adhere to a safe 2-metre distance. Dog Ranch staff will do the same.


The transfer area next to the Pup Shack is double-gated. Here is the procedure for a safe, calm transfer with Covid-19 safety policies in place:

  • Once we have arrived to the small gated area next to the Pup Shack, put your dog’s food* and belongings through the outside red gate so it is between the two gates in front of the office. We will then retrieve your dogs food and belongings.
    * Please pack your dog’s food and belongings securely in a hard container—absolutely no garbage bags.
  • Then put your leashed dog through the outside red gate and close it firmly, while you remain OUTSIDE the red gate.
  • We will receive your dog and, from a proper physical distance, have any needed quick conversation about your dog’s stay.
  • Please do not linger, but rather call or email to advise us of anything else we need to know.
  • Your dog’s collar and leash will be disinfected on arrival, and we will use our own if needed.


Please see our City Shuttle page for details.


  • Shuttle drivers wear masks while actively picking up and dropping off your dog at the shuttle location.
  • The shuttle driver will maintain as much distance from you as possible while transferring your dog.
  • Please place your dog’s food container and belongings on the ground next to the vehicle. The shuttle driver will transfer them into the vehicle.
  • Dog Ranch vehicles are disinfected regularly and thoroughly.


Tours of the Dog Ranch’s outdoor areas are still available—just call or email for an appointment. However, if you are feeling ill, showing any signs of illness, or have been away and are self-isolating, please do not book a Dog Ranch tour.


  • Tour appointments are given at limited times, and only for outdoor facilities.
  • Please ensure you and all family members wear a mask while on the Dog Ranch property.
  • Adhere to a safe physical distance of 2 metres. Our staff will do the same.
  • Staff will open and close the gates for everyone, and step aside for you and your dog to pass through.
  • Be sure not to touch any surfaces, particularly the gates, gate latches, doors and the Barn window.
  • Although you may not go inside the buildings or touch any surfaces, you can look through the window and get a sense of your dog’s accommodation.
  • Please to not linger at the gates or doors to talk with staff. Call after you leave, and we will be delighted to answer any further questions.

Thank you so much for your understanding. We are grateful to our clients for helping us all stay safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. See you soon!

~ The Dog Ranch Team

“I would recommend Bowen Island Dog Ranch to anyone looking to board their dog safely, and to know they will be truly looked after and enriched during their stay. Amazing, amazing, amazing!”

~ Holly Price

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