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Dog Board and Train

Board & Train

Happy Dogs

Unlock Your Dog’s Potential with Board & Train!

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and education with our Board & Train program. Designed to provide your dog with individualized training in a group boarding environment, our certified and experienced trainers ensure a happier, calmer, and better-behaved companion.

Removed from home distractions and surrounded by expert guidance, dogs are fully immersed in the learning process. It’s the ideal solution for busy owners who may not have the time or expertise to train their dogs themselves, and it’s equally effective for dogs of any age.

At the Dog Ranch, a well-trained dog is a happier dog. That’s why we exclusively use positive, Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) techniques that tap into your dog’s natural learning instincts that fosters improved behaviour and a deeper bond between you and your dog. 

Training sessions are held multiple times a day in various environments using your dog’s favourite treats or kibble. From our specialized training studio to real-world scenarios in Bowen’s Snug Cove Village and parks, every setting reinforces positive behaviours and addresses obedience issues. Your dog will also have plenty of playtime with new friends for a well-rounded holistic experience.

Our immersive program ensures that desired behaviours are thoroughly learned, setting your canine companion on the path to becoming your best dog ever.

Tailored Training Options for Every Dog

All packages include comfortable boarding at the Dog Ranch and can be customized to meet your dog’s unique needs.

For first-time Board & Train attendees, we recommend a 2 to 4-week stay to establish new habits effectively. Dogs with prior training experience may qualify for shorter programs, subject to evaluation. 

At the end of the Board & Train program, you’ll have an hour-long session at the Dog Ranch with our trainers to review your dog’s progress. You’ll also receive photos and videos showcasing behavioural improvement and written guidelines to support continued training at home. In addition, our lead trainer will follow-up with a phone call one week after your dog is released to you.

Transportation: We offer transportation options at an additional cost to bring your dog to our facility. See our shuttle page here for the various options.

Pick-ups need to be in person at the Dog Ranch before 1 pm to ensure you receive your one-hour session with our lead trainer.

What to Pack: A buckle collar, head halter or harness (No choke or prong collars). A variety and lots of many small bite high reward treats and plenty of kibble, as kibble will also be used to train your dog.

What can be taught:

  • Loose-leash walking
  • Heel/Competition Heel
  • Reliable recall
  • Emergency recall/Emergency drop
  • Impulse control (take it, leave it, drop it)
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced cues and commands
  • Crate training

Behavioural issues: Barking, whining, jumping up, lunging, nipping and mouthing, digging, counter surfing, trash raiding, resource guarding, humping, door/gate dashing, rough play, prey drive, FAS (Fear, Anxiety, Stress) appropriate social interactions and more!

Email dogtraining@bowendogranch.com to start the discussion about your dogs training needs, or fill out an application form and make a reservation here and our lead trainer will set up a time to discuss your dogs training.

We do not offer Board & Train over the main Christmas and March Break weeks.
Please note: Aggressive dogs are not eligible for enrollment.

We were struggling with our five-month-old puppy. Luckily we were able to take advantage of the 14 day Board and Train package. Our puppy returned to us calmer, better trained and had such a joyful time at the Dog Ranch.”

Mary Ann Zakreski

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