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Board and Train Packages

Board & Train Packages

Our Board and Train service is unavailable. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Our Most Popular Board and Train Packages

Choose one of our Board and Train Packages and select an immersive training school experience. We will tailor it to address your behaviour goals for your dog.

All our Board and Train packages include one-on-one training with our expert trainers throughout each day your dog is staying with us. Our positive training techniques include using your dog’s kibble and high-value treats for repetition. If your dog eats raw or homemade food, freeze-dried raw food can be used instead of their kibble.

Puppy Boarding School (14 or 21 days)

Start your pup on a solid foundation of intensive training, and discover an even more positive partnership with your new pet. For Puppies 10 weeks or older, with 2nd set of shots.

Puppyhood is your all-too-short window to put your impressionable new family member on the path to good behaviour. Our intensive 14-day or 21-day Puppy Boarding School, away from home, shapes your puppy’s behaviour positively, creating a strong foundation of polite behaviour and communication for you to continue on at home—forever.

Your pup will experience a structured daily training schedule to learn good manners overall, and these specific behaviours: Release word, ring bell for a potty break, drop it, find it, leave it, sit and watch me, name game, recall, sit, stay, down, come, go to bed, crate training and how to walk nicely on a leash. Calmness and cooperation are rewarded throughout the day.

Adolescent Boarding School (14 or 21 days)

Focus your adolescent dog’s boundless energy into calm behaviours and intermediate level obedience you can rely on as it matures. For puppies 5 months or older, with their 3rd set of shots.

Babies no longer, “teenage” puppies are bigger, savvier, curious and, with a huge capacity for learning, make excellent board-and-train students.

Your adolescent dog will thrive in a structured daily routine, the better to channel madcap puppy enthusiasm into the kind of calm behaviours and habits that make for manageable mature dog, and ultimately a satisfying relationship.

Adolescent School teaches a set of skills and commands similar to Puppy Boarding School. Your dog’s plan will be customized to focus on the most desired goals for you and your family. We house the adolescent gang snugly in our main boarding Barn, a fun “camp” experience they love.

Hyper to Calm Dog (21 day program recommended)

We transform your hard-to-live-with hyper dog to a calmer, cooperative and more confident pet, in a unique and intensive program, for dogs of any age.

We developed our Hyper to Calm program because you deserve a calmer dog. Does your dog bark or over-react when someone comes to the door, causing a rush of doggy havoc every time? Or misbehave on leash in a distracting public environment? Through Hyper to Calm Dog, your pup will improve dramatically, and lose the behaviours that annoy, embarrass and sometimes put you both at risk.

Our expert team apply a range of positive techniques to systematically calm your hyper dog, and teach all the commands needed to manage your every-day hyper dog scenarios.

A consultation with will set set for your dog’s unique plan. Intensive retraining of hyper dogs takes time—usually, the longer the better, depending on the dog. While 14 days can be effective for some dogs, we recommends a 21 or even 30 day plan to be sure of a deeply imprinted, lasting change—and a new leash on life for all concerned.

Leash Manners and Recall (14 days)

Replace negative unwanted outdoor behaviours with good leash behaviour with good leash skills and a “recall” response you can count on, and finally enjoy walks as much as your dog does! For all adult dogs.

Leash Manners and Recall concentrates on keys to safe, proper outdoor behaviour: Walking nicely on a leash, and reliable recall.

If your dog walks are routinely spoiled by ignored recall commands, or unmanageable leash behaviours, you are not alone. These are particular challenges for many dog owners. Our training team helps by replacing these unwanted (and often unsafe) behaviours with safe and positive ones.

Our team teaches your dog how to recall immediately in all situations, and walk politely on a loose leash in a distracting public environment. After this immersive program at the Dog Ranch, you’ll be all set to enjoy the outdoors and walks that much more—with a cooperative dog.

How to Play Nicely (14 days)

Play-focused training to help your over-enthusiastic dog play well with others. For dogs of any age.

If gentle play doesn’t come naturally to your over-enthusiastic dog, we are happy to confirm that better play can be learned through immersive training. The Play Nicely program centres on lots of controlled play with people and other dogs, during which your dog learns a variety of commands and good manners while playing. This program is ideal for ball or frisbee obsessed dogs, who refuse to leave the dog park, or snatches things from hands.

Your pup will be rewarded for learning to: Leave it, drop it, tug, take it all back while playing chuck-it, how to play with other dogs—and how to be calm. Backyard horseplay and visits to the dog park play will be so much more fun, especially for you, when you know your dog has mastered the art of playing well with others.

Better Manners (14 days)

Have the best-behaved dog ever, with a program aimed at creating consistently good manners and responsive behaviour.

Does your dog respond to commands…selectively? Our training team will teach your dog to consistently respond to commands and have good manners overall. After this 14-day immersion course, you will be able to better rely on your dog responding to commands, at home, at the dog park, or out in the community.

Better Manners focuses on conditioning with positive reinforcement throughout the day and in all situations to ensure obedience. Your pup will be rewarded for calmness, politeness around food, sitting for greetings and responding to commands such as ‘sit and watch me’, ‘go to bed’ when asked, and continuous mental stimulation through the ‘name game’. Better Manners sets the stage for an easier, more fulfilling everyday relationship with your special dog friend.

City & Bowen Shuttle Transportation

We make it easy to transport your Pup to the Dog Ranch with one of our three city shuttle options.

Vaccinations & Health Details

Please ensure your dogs vaccinations are up-to-date, and we are aware of any health issues.

Prepare Your Pup

For Their Visit

In order to keep your pup happy, healthy and safe with us, please read this important information.


“When dog training is delivered with integrity, it is an enriching and mutual rewarding joyful connection between humans and dogs. The dog will learn to understand verbal communication and human body language, and the human learns to understand dog body language. A dog’s quality of life and freedom, depends on the integrity of the training methods.”

– Carey Bolduc, Head Trainer

After your pup has been trained with us, we can send them home coiffed and smelling like new! Check out our grooming services here.

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