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Board & Train

Our Board & Train Program

Our popular board and train program is geared to ensuring you have a more cooperative dog at home, in the park and wherever you and your pup enjoy your time together. Our Head Trainer Carey Bolduc oversee’s the care and training of the dogs in the Ranch house so there is a structured routine of constant training throughout their stay. She stays in touch with you about how your pup is doing while they’re at the Ranch, and when your pup goes home, she sets you up for training success with a written guideline and video’s, and is available (and encourages) any follow up advise you may need from her.

Our Board and Train packages are available as a guideline for the common training needs of most puppies and dogs, but they can be structured for your specific requirements as well. 

Contact Carey directly for a training consultation: [email protected] 

The Board & Train Process

  • You’ll start by having an initial discussion with our trainer so you both agree on the training goals, then a custom training plan will be created.
  • When your dog arrives, our trainer will assess your dog in person, and contact you to confirm training goals.
  • Your dog will then begin daily one-on-one training sessions—using positive reinforcement and rewards, such as treats and toys, as well as physical and verbal praise to motivate your dog.
  • Over the course of the training, you will be emailed videos to you to show your dogs work and progress. You can then use these videos to continue the training with your dog.
  • At the end of your dog’s stay, you’ll receive a personalized report which includes a copy of the new routine to help you both continue the training at home.


While most behaviours are trainable, there are a few exceptions that are very difficult with little success to train outside of the home. Such as severe separation anxiety, house breaking and extreme aggression issues. Contact Carey to discuss further.

Why Train your Dog at the Dog Ranch?


Board & Train Works!

Take the first step to a better behaved pup and book them in for training. Our packages include boarding while training, and they can be individualized to fit your personal training needs for you and your dog.

Contact our Head Trainer Carey Bolduc: [email protected]

Board and Training School options:

Puppy Boarding School

For puppies who are 10 weeks or older and have their 2nd set of shots, and need to start engaging in a structured training program. They will stay in the Ranch house with our Head Trainer Carey, so they’ll be in a home environment but with structure and routine daily. The Dog Ranch’s Puppy Board and Training School will teach your pup the following: good manners, release word, ring bell for a potty break, drop it, find it, sit and watch me, rewarding calmness, name game, recall, how to walk nicely on a leash, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, go to your bed, and crate training. 

Adolescent Boarding School 

For young dogs (who are 5 months or older and have their 3rd set of shots), who need a daily structured training routine. They will stay in a home environment in the Ranch house with our Head Trainer Carey, and be taught how to focus better, including: rewarding calmness, recall, sit and watch me, drop it, find it, leave it, down, how to walk nicely on a leash, go to your bed, leash walking, the name game, release word, and crate training.

Hyper to Calm Dog  

Is your dog hyper reactive and out of control with excitement all the time? Having control over your dog will give you and your dog the confidence to not only create a calmer home environment, but also safely go anywhere at anytime without you both being on edge all the time. Our hyper dog package is a (recommended) 30 day stay at the Dog Ranch and your pup will be trained in many different scenario’s daily to condition your dog to respond better to all your commands including when someone knocks on the door, leash walking, politeness around food, drop it, find it, leave it, down, sit for greetings, got to your bed, name game, release word, crate training and recall.  

Leash Manners and Recall 

Walking your dog and having it recall to you on command is how you build a solid happy foundation of a great relationship, so it’s important that you both enjoy the experience. During your dogs training while boarding with us (14 day minimum), your dog will learn how to recall immediately in all situations, and walk politely on a loose leash in a distracting public environment. You won’t be embarrassed when your dog won’t come back to you in the park, or to walk your dog in public anymore!

Learn How to Play Nicely 
This 14 day stay at the Dog Ranch for your dog, will include many hours of controlled play while learning a variety of commands. Daily they’ll be rewarded for calmness, leave it, drop it, take it all while playing chuck it, tug, and playing with other dogs. It’s a great way for you and your pup to learn how play at home, in the backyard or in the dog park can be fun and rewarding at the same time.
Better Manners 
Is your dog bad mannered and ignores your requests to stay, sit, lie down, and come back to you at home and in the dog park? Our Better Manners package will daily condition your dog to respond better to commands including: being rewarded for calmness, politeness around food, sitting for greetings, the sit and watch me command, got to their bed when asked, and continually learning the name game so you can both lead a stress-free life together. 

Boarding School Packages:

Puppy Boarding School

21 Days (recommended)
or 14 Days

Email [email protected] for assessment and rate.
Start at 10 weeks and must have 2nd round of shots.
Adolescent Boarding School 
21 Days (recommended)
or 14 Days
 Email [email protected] for assessment and rate.
Should be 5 months or older and must have 3rd round of shots.
Hyper to Calm Dog 
30 Days (recommended)
or 21 Days
Email [email protected] for assessment and rate.
Any age. Highly aggressive dogs not accepted.
Leash Manners & Recall
14 Days (recommended)

Email [email protected] for assessment and rate.
Any age. Can also do one or the other behaviour.

Learn How to Play Nicely
14 (recommended) or 7 Days Email [email protected] for assessment and rate.
Any age.
Better Manners
14 (recommended)
or 7 Days
Email [email protected] for assessment and rate.
Any age.  
Custom Board and Train Packages
Custom package  Email [email protected] for assessment and rate.
Any age.


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