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Everything Else You Need To Know

Most questions about Boarding are answered here—how we do things, and what to bring and not bring with your dog. Please contact us with any other questions.

(First, though, please see for full details here, about our Vaccinations and Health policies and procedures.)

What dogs do we accept?

We accept most ages, sizes and breeds, and prefer that the dogs be neutered or spayed, however, we do make exceptions in our off peak seasons. They must have up-to-date vaccinations and we don’t accept aggressive dogs. Puppies must have their third set of shots including their Bordetella vaccination, at least 2 weeks before arriving.

Upon arrival, Ranch staff carefully introduce each dog to the rest of the pack, to ensure a safe integration. Sometimes it takes a while to determine your dog’s character. If we feel your dog is showing traits not conducive to be being out with our small groups of compatible dogs, he will have his own corral to play in. A senior staff member will contact you to discuss your dog’s needs. It’s like the first few days of camp—getting to know the routine and expectations of behaviour, and once all that is established, it’s all about fun!

Where will my dog sleep?

We provide a safe and private environment for each dog. The Ranch’s heated and air conditioned boarding facilities have individual or shared rooms, equipped with comfortable bedding and constant supplies of fresh water throughout the day and night. Your dog’s space is cleaned every day.

Life at the Ranch is stimulating—so we ensure there’s a cozy place to get plenty of rest to maintain a healthy balance. More than one dog from the same family may share a room and we may pair your dog up if needed. We also offer crates if you wish your dog to be crated, as you do with your dog at home.

Is there someone on site 24 hours?

Yes. A resident manager is on site at all times, including overnight.

Food and Feeding

  • Your dog’s food and any special treats MUST be provided for the duration of their stay to ensure a consistent diet.
  • Please calculate the needed food, then add some extra—at the Dog Ranch, your dog will get a lot of exercise and stimulation, and may need more nourishment than usual. Also, should unforeseen circumstances delay your return, your dog can stay on at the Dog Ranch without interrupting the nutrition routine.
  • If your dog does run out of food, we will provide a healthy grain-free kibble or vet-recommended kibble. We will try to purchase your dog’s brand of food if our local pet store carries it, but only if your dog’s stay is extended for a long period. So, again, please provide extra food.
  • We prefer to feed all dogs twice a day—breakfast and dinner—because of the amount of exercise and stimulation they get here. Also, we don’t want any dogs feeling left out while other dogs are being fed! Puppies and special needs dogs may receive a midday or night meal or snack as well. We try and maintain your home feeding routine as much as possible.
  • We supply feeding bowls and scoops. Please do NOT include any bowls, scoops or measuring cups with your dog’s belongings.
  • Any special treats must be provided. We give them the occasional treats here, but we don’t create an environment where treats are expected all the time.
  • If providing dry kibble, please keep it in the original bag or transfer it to a plastic container with a tight lid. We beg your cooperation: NO GARBAGE BAGS.
  • If your dog eats raw food, please provide a watertight Tupperware or similar container large enough to accommodate two (thawed) meals, and enclose the frozen food in a double bag or container to prevent any leakage in transportation or in our fridges.


  • Medication can be given with food in a pill or liquid format. We only give subcutaneous injections. Please provide clear instructions and prepare the pills for each use (break the pills in half if necessary). We use Rescue Remedy as an organic natural herb supplement if your dog has known separation anxiety. Please call or email us to discuss.
  • We keep a daily record of medication administered. Extra medical care may be given by our staff such as bandaging, cleaning wounds, ointment application etc. Please call or email us to discuss.

Payment Options and Information

We accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Debit, Etransfers ([email protected]), Cheques (made out to the “Bowen Island Dog Ranch”), and Cash.

A majority of our clients prefer to pay by credit card for ease-of-use, and we charge your credit card at the end of your dogs stay after they go home. If you prefer to pay us with anything other than a credit card, please let us know before your dog goes home.

Within your secure personal portal online where you filled in the application form and can make a reservation, there is an option to provide us with your credit card information in your “owner” page. We do require a credit card on file if your dog is staying with us. Thank you.


Bedding is provided, unless you prefer to bring your own dog’s bed or blanket for familiar comfort. We don’t wash your beds upon return—unless your dog is with us for a long stay or the bed is extra dirty. The bedding we provide is always cleaned and disinfected between each use.

Toys and Bones

Toys are not necessary to keep the dogs occupied as they usually just nap because of vigorous outdoor exercise they get. If we feel your dog needs something extra to occupy himself in your room, we’ll provide a kong with a tasty treat inside it. Raw bones are not allowed because the smell usually agitates other dogs.

Board & Train Program

Come home to a more cooperative, more stimulated pup! Before your dog’s stay, call or email us to book some training sessions, and our instructor will work those pesky behaviours your pup needs work on while you’re away

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Dates We're Full

We get very busy and often full for boarding during the times when the kids are out of school. This includes Long Weekends, Summer, Xmas, and March Break. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment!


If your dog is coming in for boarding or day camp, please ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date. We have a 5-7 day window from when you have them done before your dog can socialize here. We appreciate your diligence on making sure they are valid.

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