Dog Grooming

Book a grooming appointment so your pup is perfectly clean and coiffed!

Professional Grooming For Dogs

Book a grooming appointment with our groomer, and enjoy a joyous reunion with your clean and perfectly groomed pup!

Only one thing is better than a happy pet—and that’s a clean, well-groomed, happy pet. Our Head Pet Groomer Leila Kamil and assistants, apply their talent and grooming experience to make that happen for you. 

Let Leila’s expertise, love and care for all dogs reassure you in knowing that your pup will enjoy the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism. If your dog is boarding here, we can arrange anything from a quick end-of-Camp tidy-up, or a full handsome groom. With our professional dog grooming services, your dog will go home feeling, looking and smelling great.

Leila and the Dog Ranch staff always go the extra mile to ensure that grooming is a positive Dog Ranch experience. Services include an online reservation system, a separate grooming facility—The Groom Room—and a Bowen Island shuttle service to pick up and drop off of your dog at home, if you wish.

Bowen Island Dog Ranch has helped hundreds of dog owners here on Bowen, in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver with all their dog grooming needs. Reserve today!

Grooming Rates

Dog Grooming Services And Prices

*All dog grooms include a hygiene and pads trim, bath, brush, nails, ears.

  Small Dog Medium Dog Large Dog X-Large Dog
Bath & Brush Out $50 $60-65 $70-75 $80-90
Bath & Brush – Double-Coated Breeds $55 $70+ $90+ $100+
Full Groom & Haircut (Puppy, Teddy & Breed Specific Cuts, Shave Off) $60+ $80+ $95+ $130+
Hand Scissoring Ask for Quote
De-Matting $45/hr
Flea Bath Add $10
De Skunk $80+
Difficult Dog Ask for Quote
Non-Allergenic Shampoo Add $5 Add $7
Nail Clip only $20
Ears Clean Only $20
Ear Cleaning & Nail Clip $30
Anal Glands Only (Exterior) $20+

Please note

  • If our groomer finds that your dog has a health issue, we will call you directly to discuss.
  • Please advise us if you prefer non-allergic shampoo to be used on your dog’s coat.
  • Only external anal glands will be expressed. We do not express anal glands internally.
  • A grooming contract may be required for de-matting and shaving.
  • If your dog does not have up-to-date vaccinations, please let us know so we can ensure segregation from other dogs at the Ranch.

Home Shuttle Service (Bowen Island Only) – See Home Shuttle Service Page

Book a grooming appointment with Leila.

Make an appointment online, or call the grooming phone directly at (604) 349-6745. If you book online, you can still call Leila to discuss your grooming session. Or email her at [email protected].



"Every time I drop Tetley off at the Ranch she doesn't even say good bye to me. All I see is her happy wagging tail as she trots off up the hill with the Dog Ranch staff. They take very good care of her and when I come to pick her up she has an extra little skip in her walk - not bad for a 12 year old dog! Its nice to be able to travel and know your beloved canine child is in good hands.

Thanks to the Dog Ranch for all you do!"

~ Deb & Rick Stringfellow
Tucker, Wolfie, & Ghetti

"I just wanted to thank everyone so much for looking after Tucker and Wolfie. It’s SO NICE to get away, and not worry about them. Since they are used to walking in the woods, we really appreciate that your place is 'like the woods'. Also, Tucker is much less grumpy and nervous with other dogs after staying with you. We really appreciate you all working so hard over the holidays so that the rest of us get a break. Thank you."

~ Dr. Chris Booth & Carole Booth
"Tucker, Wolfie, & Ghetti"


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