Be amazed by what your dog will accomplish with positive training!

Positive Training For Happier Dogs

Why Train At The Dog Ranch?

All dogs—and their humans—need training. Proper training helps ensure a happy relationship based on cooperation and communication. At the Bowen Island Dog Ranch, we have a truly fantastic professional training team, ready to help address those pesky behaviour issues during your pup’s boarding stay here, with our popular Board and Train program.

Or, if you live on Bowen Island, you and your pup can join one of our super-fun and informative group class offered at various times throughout the year.

Private sessions are also available on Bowen Island and in Vancouver.

 At the Dog Ranch, we have gathered an amazing amount of dog handling and training expertise. Training is taught using positive reinforcement methods.

Our training program is shaped around a basic truth: That a well-trained, mentally stimulated dog is a happier dog. Instinctively, dogs love co-operating and communicating with humans. Using only positive reinforcement techniques, our entire team love to help them (and you) improve those skills.

Check out our Training Approach

Experienced Instructors

Dog Ranch Training Instructors are individually selected, highly experienced, and qualified to teach a wide variety behaviours. Instructors attend ongoing training to ensure continuous professional development in this evolving field.

Interactive Classes

Our small class sizes allow a high level of participation and interaction for every student. Instructors personalize their programs to meet each individual training need while maintaining a high level of motivation and energy within the group.

Innovative Courses

We are passionate researchers, always looking for new techniques and training literature. And we encourage student feedback and suggestions, and try to apply them. We want to make sure our courses are always fun, challenging and up to date. Designed here by our Instructors, our curriculum reflects real situations that can easily be applied in your everyday life.

Ongoing Support

It is most important to us at the Dog Ranch that each student feels a sense of progress and achievement from start to finish.

  • Our Instructors do an initial assessment, to place you and your dog in the training program.
  • Or, instead, you can choose to start developing a personalized training program, which can be adapted as needs change.
  • Each student receives feedback and a personalized progress report during the course, and after graduation in a comprehensive course review.
  • Dog Ranch Alumni drop-in sessions allow continuous maintenance and development of your new skills.

Contact Our Trainers:

Board & Train and Private Sessions on Bowen Island:
[email protected]
(604) 947-6965 

Group Classes and Private Sessions in Vancouver:
Yoko Sakai [email protected]
(604) 947-6965 

Bowen Islands Group Classes with Yoko start up again Sunday, April 14th, 2019!

Board & Train options for your pup(s):

Behavior Training

Choose a behaviour from the Behaviour Menu below, that you’d like a trainer to work on while your dog is staying with us. A trainer will spend time with your dog every day, one on one, teaching and positively reinforcing those behaviours.

Behaviour Menu:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leash Manners
  • Jumping Up
  • Other (owner’s request)

Find out about our Board & Train classes here >

Leash Manners – Who’s Walking Who?

Walking your dog is how you build a solid happy foundation of a great relationship, so it’s important that you both enjoy the experience. While boarding with us, your dog will learn how to walk politely on a loose leash and in a distracting public environment. You won’t be embarrassed to walk your dog in public anymore! And if you wish to add one more desired behaviour from the Behaviour Menu above, we will work on both with your dog. “Stay”, for example, is an ideal add-on to Leash Manners training.

Find out about our Board & Train classes here >

K9 Boot Camp – Formal Obedience

For canine free spirits who need structured leadership, the Dog Ranch’s K9 Boot Camp will teach your dog how to focus better, and how to heel, stay, sit, down, come, and good manners. All the commands will be taught on a 6-foot leash while encountering mild distractions.

Find out about our Board & Train classes here >

Graduate Refresher

This program is for graduates of any one of our training programs. A minimum of 5 days is the ideal opportunity to reinforce your dog’s training, with a quick Dog ranch tune-up!

Find out about our Board & Train classes here >

Day Camp & Train

Choose 1 behaviour, such as recall, from the above Behaviour Menu that you’d like a trainer to work on while your dog is staying with us. During your dogs Day Camp stay, the trainer will focus intensively on that behaviour, one on one, teaching and positively reinforcing the behaviour.

Find out about our Board & Train classes here >

Group Classes for your pup(s):

Obedience and Manners Class

In this class you’ll learn all the basic commands; Sit, Down, Stand, and Stay, with some distraction and recall. No more frustration and pulling on the leash! We offer a fun yet structured class, integrated with dog races and games to strengthen the relationship with your dog, using positive reinforcement methods. All family members are welcome and it’s ideal for dogs over 6 months of age.

Find out the dates and details of our next Obedience and Manners Class here >


This is the course for the dogs that are not reactive at all, and have done some obedience training in the past. The course consists of variety command cards taped on the cones, and the handler and the dog follow each command cones with loose leash, while other dogs and the owners are calmly watching.

It really helps the owners and the dogs to focus and walk on leash while following different kind of movement. It’s a great mind game!

Find out the dates and details of our next Rally-O class here >

Agility Training – Basic

Agility with your dog, big or small, is all about fun! At the Dog Ranch, Agility is taught using positive reinforcement methods, and with a focus on safety for humans and dogs alike. The benefits are excellent: it’s a great way to help get your dog will focus and engage with you, and you’ll be providing some variety to their exercise. And it’s just the thing to help fearful or timid dogs gain confidence.

Equipment used: Jumps, Tunnels, A-Frames, Dog Walks, Pause Tables, and Weave Poles.

Skills that are taught are: Engagement, Luring, Focus, Hand Targeting, Stay, and Impulse control.

Find out the dates and details of our next Agility Training Class here >


Christopher Starbeam

"Thank you for the love, excellent care, and great training that you gave to Christopher Starbeam. He came home soooo much more confident, with lots of new, good behaviours. We are so grateful."

~ Danielle LaPorte
"Christopher Starbeam"

"Darwin, our 9-year-old golden doodle, has been an enthusiastic Rancher since he was a young pup. He does a happy dance whenever we tell him it’s time for the Dog Ranch again, and trots up the trail to “dog utopia” without a backward glance. No guilt on our vacations!"

~ Heather Prittie & David Hocking


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