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Rally-O Class

Our Rally-O classes are closed indefinitely due to the pandemic.


This is a new class for the dogs that are not reactive at all, and have done some obedience training in the past. The class consists of variety command cards taped on the cones, and the handler and the dog follow each command cones with loose leash, while other dogs and the owners are calmly watching.

It really helps the owners and the dogs to focus and walk on leash while following different kind of movement. It’s a great mind game!

Start Date TBD 
Time TBD
Length 5 weeks (1 hour per week)
Location Dog Ranch entrance in the pasture
Prerequisite Must have up-to-date vaccinations and dogs over 8 months old need to be spayed or neutered.
Min/Max Dogs Per Class Min. 4 dogs / Max. 7 dogs
Class Cost TBD

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