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Intensive Dog Training Group Classes

group classes

Group Classes for Fun & Social Learning

What’s the advantage of group classes for intensive dog training? Other dogs!

In our group classes, dogs participate in structured socializing and training that’s woven into each of five training courses: Puppy Manners, Obedience & Manners Level 1 and 2, Agility and, for trained dogs only, a special course called Rally-O.

Another advantage is that you, the owner, are also part fun and learning, right on site at the Dog Ranch. Our professional trainers keep things fun and relaxed in an approach that is very informative and highly effective. (Please note that you may have homework between classes!)

Classes meet in our training pasture, located near the entrance to the Dog Ranch. The training pasture area is fully equipped to teach the best in dog training of all kinds. Intensive group training classes are a special Dog Ranch tradition for Bowen Islanders, but dogs and their owners from the city often make a regular day trip to join in the fun.

View our Covid-19 Safety Policies

See our class descriptions below for more information on our dog training classes.

All Group Classes are currently postponed.

Once the provincial government lifts the pandemic restrictions, our intensive and fun Group Classes at the Dog Ranch will commence again.

Want to be notified when classes re-open?

Send us an email and we’ll update you when Group Classes are back!

Types of Classes We Offer

Puppy Manners Class

Puppy Manners Class is full of learning and fun! We will show you how to build a healthy relationship with your puppy and prevent common behaviour problems.


Obedience & Manners Level 1

A great introduction to training for dogs over five months, this class makes it as fun as it is effective for dogs and owners alike.


Obedience & Manners Level 2

Level 2 takes training to the next level of manners and obedience. This course further engages, mentally stimulates and trains your dog, both on- and off-leash.


Agility Class

Agility Class is all about building your dog’s confidence through non-competitive activities that are fun and challenging.


Rally-O Class!

A more advanced “sport” class, Rally-O is for dogs that are well trained and socialized.



“We’ve got the experience to ensure that your pup is happy, healthy and safe while at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch.”

– Karen Munro, Founder

Group classes is a great way to socialize and train your dog all at the same time!

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