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Our Board & Train  Program

Our popular training service is geared to ensuring you can come home to a more cooperative, more stimulated pup. Before your dog’s stay, call or email us to book training at the Dog Ranch. Our Certified  Training Instructor, Scott James, will assess your dog after arrival, then advise you on training goals and work on those priorities while you’re away.

The Board & Train Process

  • You start by having an initial discussion with Scott and you agree on the training goals, then he will create a custom training plan.
  • When your dog arrives, Scott will assess your dog in person, and contact you to confirm training goals.
  • Your dog will then begin daily one-on-one training sessions—using positive reinforcement and rewards, such as treats and toys, as well as physical and verbal praise to motivate your dog.
  • At the end of your dog’s stay, you’ll receive a personalized report which includes a copy of the new routine to help you both continue the training at home.
  • Note: We highly recommend that you and Scott review together what your dog has learned and how to build on it. If you are available to come to the Ranch on your dog’s departure day, it usually takes only a short time to go over the new skills learned. This is offered at no charge.
  • Alternatively, for an added cost, Scott can visit your home to review the training,. This enables Scott to observe your handling of your dog and will facilitate a smooth transition and ensure consistency.
  • A training video of each of the skills learned is an optional extra.

Contact us for a training consultation:
[email protected] | (604) 947-6965

Why Train your Dog at the Dog Ranch?

Meet Scott James – Certified Dog Trainer and Senior Dog Handler

Our certified trainer, Scott James, is a longtime dog lover and trainer and has received his most recent certification with Vancouver’s Georgina Bradley of Dogstars fame. Before moving to Bowen Island, Scott was a manager and chef in the catering industry and an emergency services first-responder, now retired. We are thrilled to have him on the Dog Ranch team.

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Board ‘n’ Train options for your pup(s):

Behavior Training

Choose a behaviour from the Behaviour Menu below, that you’d like a trainer to work on while your dog is staying with us. A trainer will spend time with your dog every day, one on one, teaching and positively reinforcing those behaviours.

Behaviour Menu:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leash Manners
  • Jumping Up
  • Other (owner’s request)
Leash Manners – Who’s Walking Who?

Walking your dog is how you build a solid happy foundation of a great relationship, so it’s important that you both enjoy the experience. While boarding with us, your dog will learn how to walk politely on a loose leash and in a distracting public environment. You won’t be embarrassed to walk your dog in public anymore! And if you wish to add one more desired behaviour from the Behaviour Menu above, we will work on both with your dog. “Stay”, for example, is an ideal add-on to Leash Manners training.

K9 Boot Camp – Formal Obedience

For canine free spirits who need structured leadership, the Dog Ranch’s K9 Boot Camp will teach your dog impulse control, how to focus better, including: how to walk nicely on leash, sit, stay, down, come, and good manners. All the commands will be taught using hand signals and a release word on a 6-foot leash, while encountering mild distractions.

Graduate Refresher

This program is for graduates of any one of our training programs. A minimum of 5 days is the ideal opportunity to reinforce your dog’s training, with a quick Dog ranch tune-up!

Day Camp & Train

Choose 1 behaviour, such as recall, from the above Behaviour Menu that you’d like a trainer to work on while your dog is staying with us. During your dogs Day Camp stay, the trainer will focus intensively on that behaviour, one on one, teaching and positively reinforcing the behaviour.


Behavior Training (1 week min/behaviour)
1 Behaviour $225.00
2 Behaviours Call Scott to discuss
Leash Manners – Who’s Walking Who?
1 week minimum $375.00
K9 Boot Camp – Formal Obedience
2 week minimum $900.00
Graduate Refresher
5 day minimum $225.00
Day Camp & Train
7 days minimum $225.00/behaviour


Tucker, Wolfie, & Ghetti

"I just wanted to thank everyone so much for looking after Tucker and Wolfie. It’s SO NICE to get away, and not worry about them. Since they are used to walking in the woods, we really appreciate that your place is 'like the woods'. Also, Tucker is much less grumpy and nervous with other dogs after staying with you. We really appreciate you all working so hard over the holidays so that the rest of us get a break. Thank you."

~ Dr. Chris Booth & Carole Booth
"Tucker, Wolfie, & Ghetti"

"Charley is one happy dog after his grooming session and Day Camp. He loves the Ranch! Thanks everyone for all you do!"

~ Marc Bauer


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