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Our Covid Evolution & Pivot Story

Our Covid Evolution

To all our clients, and alumni dogs—welcome home to your dog’s happy place, the Bowen Island Dog Ranch!

Pivoting to ‘Next Level’ Dog Training

Back in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed huge challenges for our operation, as it did for countless others, with travel restrictions and stay-home orders causing us to close in March.

Those challenges now weathered and adjusted to, the Dog Ranch team was delighted to reopen in the fall of 2020.

Although it was a “quiet” period, it was nonetheless a very eventful few months at the Dog Ranch. Together, owner Karen Munro and well-known professional trainer Carey Bolduc who had been the Ranch trainer since 2019, were already working to combine first-class boarding care with Carey’s exemplary training talents. During the closure, they intensified the development of this exciting new direction for the Dog Ranch—all while completing extensive renovations and upgrades to both the boarding and training facilities.

Board & Train, a major new focus for the Dog Ranch, is now launched and under way, with a full COVID-19 prevention policy in place.

Board & Train is an immersive dog education program that combines intensive onsite training, led by Carey Bolduc, with first-class boarding care at the Dog Ranch. Boarding while training is a training approach that is growing in popularity with new dog owners, simply because it’s so effective. Set in a “contained” boarding environment with expert daily training, away from distractions, dogs are totally focused on learning. It’s an ideal solution for those without the time or capacity to do proper training themselves—and it works brilliantly for puppies and adult dogs alike.

While separation can be a challenge for humans and pets alike, and two or three weeks of boarding combined with training can seem expensive up front, the result for many dog owners is priceless—a happy, calm pet who knows how to communicate, and fits well into your household for a lifetime.

Additionally, Enriched Boarding is another new service providing a boarding service enriched with a full curriculum of mental stimulation each day—the key to calmness in so many dogs.

All in all, we welcome you back to the Bowen Island Dog Ranch your dog knows and loves. Now, with expanding training options and enriched boarding, so much more is possible. Thank you for your support. It’s great to be back!

We are excited about our new Enriched Boarding service, and our focus on helping create better dogs with our Board and Train programs!

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