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Dog Shuttle Services

Your transportation options include our convenient City and Bowen Shuttles

City/Bowen Transportation For Your Dog

During COVID, our City Group Shuttle Service is available Monday and Thursday mornings, by appointment.

For most dogs, Dog Ranch fun begins and ends with a Shuttle trip from the Mainland. Returning guests need no coaxing to hop aboard—they know exactly where the ‘happy van’ is going! 

The City Group Shuttle operates Mondays and Thursdays serving West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Downtown in the West End, and we can also meet you at the Bowen Island Snug Cove Ferry Terminal, by appointment. 

If you would rather deliver your dog to the Ranch yourself, please check with bcferries.com for schedule and fare information, and be aware you must buy your ticket by 10 minutes before departure.

Choose one of the options for travel to and from the Dog Ranch—and please see Shuttle Service Instructions and Information below to prepare.

Please help us adhere to strict COVID19 Policies for picking up and dropping off your dog. Details can be found here.

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Shuttle Service Instructions

We ask your kind assistance with these shuttle procedures. Thank you in advance—and all aboard the “happy van” for the Bowen Island Dog Ranch!

  • Refrain from feeding your dogs the morning of pick-up. And make sure they have already done their elimination routine. This all helps minimize accidents in our vehicles, and ensures a more pleasant ride for all.
  • Label any medication clearly and, if in liquid form, put it in a zip-lock bag with the original Veterinary instructions.
  • To ensure its safety, please leash your dog before leaving your vehicle and walking to ours.
  • Pack all your dog’s food and belongings in something that will not break open—a strong cloth bag with zipper, or container with secure lid. Bear in mind that once we arrive, we will be carrying everything from our parking lot up to the Ranch buildings. So, not permitted are: garbage bags, ripped bags, flimsy containers, and anything hard to carry and/or will fall apart easily.
  • If providing dry kibble, keep it in the original bag taped shut or transfer it to a plastic container with a tight lid, with your dog’s name clearly marked. Again, garbage bags or flimsy plastic bags just won’t do!
  • If your dog eats raw food, please provide a watertight Tupperware-type container large enough to accommodate two thawed meals, and enclose the frozen food in a double bag or container to prevent any leakage. We’ll take it from there.
  • No need to provide us with food bowl, scoop or measuring cup; leave them at home. Or beds, toys and treats—it’s all provided! Just bring your dog’s regular food—and be sure to add extra in case your trip is delayed or your dog gets extra-hungry due to “too much fun” at the Ranch.

Other Ways To Get Here

Ferry By Private Car

Bring your dog to the Ranch by car. Take the Queen of Capilano ferry from Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, to Snug Cove. Car and Driver fare is about $44 return or $25 if you have a BC Experience card.

Find us on Adams Road, about 13 kilometres from the ferry terminal. Turn in, and proceed to the Pup Shack office parking area. 

During COVID, call when you arrive and we’ll come down to greet you. (604) 349-6745.
Please help us adhere to strict COVID19 Policies for picking up and dropping off your dog. Details can be found here.

Leave yourself lots of time in Horseshoe Bay terminal, to ensure you make the desired sailing.

Ferry By Foot Plus Island Shuttle

Take the ferry as a foot passenger with your dogs, and arrange for us to meet you in Snug Cove. We shuttle your dog to the Ranch, while you head back on the return sailing. Just book the Bowen Island Shuttle. You will have to carry food for your dog’s stay onto the ferry.

Please note:
As a foot passenger, you will be traveling with your pup on the car deck in a sheltered room; no dogs allowed on passenger decks. Fare is about $12 return or less with a BC Experience card.

Schedules and Rates

See below for the City and Bowen Shuttle Options.

Please leash your dog to and from vehicles for their safety. And don’t forget to bring your dog’s food in a sealed container, and if they’re with us for a Board & Train program, please include lots of high-value treats.

City Group Shuttles

West Vancouver

Cost: $30 each way, and only $15 per additional dog from the same family.

Schedule: 10:05 a.m. pick-up and drop-off, Mondays and Thursdays by appointment.

Location: Caulfeild Mall, located off Hwy 1, just east of Horseshoe Bay. Driving West on Highway 1 (Upper Levels), take Exit #4, turn left, and drive to the stop sign, turn left again on the bridge across the highway. You’ll see the Mall on the right. Turn right into the mall, and take an immediate right again into the parking on the right side of Safeway, where the Safeway delivery trucks park. Look for the Dog Ranch well-logo’d vehicle. 

North Vancouver 

Cost: $30 each way, and only $15 per additional dog from the same family.

Schedule: 10:20 a.m. pick-up and drop-off, Mondays and Thursdays by appointment.

Location: Parking lot behind Centennial Theatre at 2300 Lonsdale Avenue. Enter off 23rd Avenue or from the Upper Levels, just after you turn south down St. Georges. We pull into the parking lot off St. Georges and park above the field. 

Downtown Vancouver

Cost: $35 each way, and only $15 per additional dog from the same family.

Schedule: 10:35 a.m. pick-up or drop-off. Mondays and Thursdays by appointment.

Location: Sunset Beach parking lot on Beach Drive, West End. Find it at the bottom of Bute Street off Beach Avenue near the Burrard Street Bridge. Turn at the Sunset Beach Café sign off Beach Avenue and drive down the hill into the big parking lot. Look for the Dog Ranch well-logo’d vehicle.

Snug Cove Ferry Terminal Boarding Shuttle

Use the Snug Cove Shuttle

Cost: $15 per dog each way; $10 per additional dog from same family.

Schedule: For Fall 2020 due to a reduced staff, our options are limited for picking up dogs at the ferry. We will do our very best to accommodate your schedule. Typically we are able to meet the 10:15 a.m. and 2:35 p.m. ferries from Horseshoe Bay by appointment. (BC Ferries). 

Location: Pick-up and Drop-off at the Snug Cove Ferry Terminal, at the Ferry Passenger Pickup area which in on Cardena Road, across from the Library and Bus Stop. Please walk up the right side concrete wall to Cardena Road. Remember to bring your leash if you’re picking up your pup from us!

Board & Train Program

Come home to a more cooperative, more stimulated pup! Before your dog’s stay, call or email us to book some training sessions, and our instructor will work those pesky behaviours your pup needs work on while you’re away

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Dates We're Full

We get very busy and often full for boarding during the times when the kids are out of school. This includes Long Weekends, Summer, Xmas, and March Break. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment!


If your dog is coming in for boarding or day camp, please ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date. We have a 5-7 day window from when you have them done before your dog can socialize here. We appreciate your diligence on making sure they are valid.

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