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Day Camp

DAY Camp

Day Camp - Bowen Island Dog Ranch

Give your dog a fun day of socialization and exercise! 

If you live on Bowen Island or are visiting Bowen Island, let us take care of your dog in a safe and natural environment in the Ranch’s beautiful, forested property.

Your dog will get lots of exercise and playtime with the other dogs and our caring team. They’ll have fun outside in the many forested and pasture areas of the Ranch property; we set up pools and sprinklers in the warmer seasons, and if it’s nasty weather outside we’ll focus on brain-games to keep them occupied indoors or under shelter, with a shorter time out in the elements. They’ll get their essential nap time in one our heated and air-conditioned facilities to rejuvenate for their next play time outside. 

  • Day Camp is available Monday – Fridays for full days 7:30am – 4:30pm, or half days (4 1/2 hours), by appointment, packages available.
  • We accept all ages (elderly dogs welcome if they are mobile), and they must be neutered or spayed. 
  • We do not take aggressive or highly anxious dogs. We encourage a “test” day if you feel there may be any issues, so we can both assess how your dog likes Day Camp and if they’re a good fit.
  • Dogs are outside with our team in the Dog Ranch forest and trails, and grouped in small packs based on their size, character, energy, age and mobility.

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*Bowen Home Shuttle Service*
You’re welcome to drop your dog off at the Dog Ranch anytime after 7:30am, however if you’re rushed for time or have already left the island for the day, we offer a home shuttle service to pick up your dog in the morning between 8:45am – 9:30am Monday – Friday’s.

In the afternoon we close at 4:30pm to pick up your dog at the Dog Ranch, Monday – Friday’s. If you’re off the island for the day and coming back after 4:30pm, we encourage you to let us take your dog home for you on the Bowen Island Shuttle. The last ferry to catch before we close for the day would be the 3:30 pm ferry. It’s our pleasure to take your dog home before we close, in one of our safe, dog-equipped vehicles.

Packages available:
FULL DAY – 11 days for the price of 10 days 
HALF DAY – $22 instead of $25 (per 4 1/2 hours

Day Camp and Bowen Island Day Camp Shuttle Rates

FULL DAY – 7:30am – 4:30pm
Rancher Package FULL Day (11 days for the price of 10 days) – 1 dog prepaid$318.18 ($31.81/day)
Rancher Package FULL DAY (11 days for the price of 10 days) 2 dogs from the same family prepaid$595
(15% off @ $29.75 / dog)
Single FULL Day – 1 dog$35 (for 1 dog)
Single FULL Day – Each dog from the same family$29.75 for each dog (15% off)
HALF DAY4 1/2 hours within 7:30am – 4:30pm
Rancher Package HALF Day – 1 dog prepaid, 10 days$220 ($22 / 4 1/2 hours)
Rancher Package HALF DAY – 2 dogs from same family, prepaid, 10 days$400 ($20 each)
Single HALF Day – 1 dog$25 (for 1 dog)
Single HALF Day – Each dog from the same family$22 (each dog)

Bowen Island Day Camp Shuttle Rates

(see the Bowen Island Dog Shuttle Services page for more information)

Bowen Island zone rates map.

Bowen Island Dog Ranch - Day Camp Shuttle Zones map

Zone rates are subject to the Dog Ranch’s discretion: accessibility of your property, driveway, stairs, gates, and the distance from the Dog Ranch etc.

Zone 1$7 to Tunstall Bay, Bowen Bay, Sunset/Cowan to Forest Ridge Road, Grafton to Cates Hill.
Zone 2$9 to Windjammer, surrounding Cove area to Scarborough Road etc.
Zone 3 $11 to Eagle Cliff, Mt. Gardner, Dorman Road etc.
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