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Private Dog Training

Private training

Private Training is unavailable at this time.

Private training sessions can be a great way to focus your dog’s training!

During the Pandemic, we’ve suspended our Private Training service. When we re-open fully, we will once again offer our private dog training sessions to you and your dog – or your whole family.

In a private training session, our trainers can address specific behaviour issues and a range of special needs. We offer private training to to anyone who are living alone with their dog. If you have a family, we prefer to train everyone together, so you can all learn how to cue and manage your pup. This ensures everyone’s safety and happiness in and out of your home.

Typically, private training sessions with your pup are conducted in your home—ideal for observing your dog’s behaviour in his regular environment. Once pandemic stay-at-home orders lift, we’ll offer private training outdoors at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch. Rest assured you and your dog will still receive the same intensive and effective private training we’ve offered in the past. We can still work on the issues you are experiencing at home, and we will set you up for success after class!

What behaviours can we help with?

The possibilities include leash walking, dog or human reactivity, recall, separation anxiety, chewing, barking, and puppy training and more. See our Training Tips for ideas to get you started.


“An effective trainer will enrich the quality of life for you and your dog. Their expertise and coaching will support pet parents through all stages of development from puppyhood through adolescence and maturity.”

– Carey Bolduc, Head Trainer

If you need to socialize your pup AND get some weekly training in for you and your dog, check out our Group Training classes here.

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