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Dog Boarding Details – Prepare Your Pup

prepare your pup

Let’s get you and your pup ready for a great stay with us!

To ensure your pup is well-prepared for boarding, please ensure your dog meets our vaccine and health requirements. Please review the dog boarding details below and our vaccinations and health information.

You likely have a lot of questions about all the details for your dog’s boarding stay with us:

Read on below for all the details:

Food and Feeding

For all dogs boarding with us, please provide sufficient food for your dog’s entire stay. When calculating food, add some extra. Your dog will get more exercise and stimulation than usual in the rural setting of the Dog Ranch, so may need added nourishment. Also, should unforeseen circumstances delay your return, your dog can stay on at the Dog Ranch without interrupting the nutrition routine.

We supply feeding bowls and scoops. Please do NOT include any bowls, scoops or measuring cups with your dog’s belongings.

If providing dry kibble, please keep it in the original bag or transfer it to a plastic airtight container with a tight lid, or ziplock bag. We beg your cooperation: NO GARBAGE BAGS!

If your dog does run out of food, we will provide a healthy grain or vet-recommended kibble. We will slowly mix it with the remaining kibble to make the switch easy on the stomach. We will try to purchase your dog’s brand of food at our local pet store if we know your dog has a touchy stomach.

If your dog eats raw food, please provide a watertight Tupperware or similar container large enough to accommodate two (thawed) meals. Enclose the frozen food in a double bag or larger container to prevent leakage during transportation or in the Dog Ranch fridge.

We prefer to feed all dogs twice a day—breakfast and dinner—because of the amount of exercise and stimulation they get here. Also, we don’t want any dogs feeling left out while other dogs are being fed! Puppies and special needs dogs may receive a midday or night meal or snack as well. We try and maintain your home feeding routine as much as possible.

Bedding and Sleeping Arrangements

The Dog Ranch provides comfortable and cozy bedding for your dog. Bedding is always cleaned and disinfected between each use.

Team members live in the Ranch house, so someone is on the property at all times.

We provide a healthy and safe environment for each dog. The Ranch’s heated and air conditioned boarding facilities have individual or shared rooms, equipped with comfortable bedding and a constant supply of fresh water throughout the day and night. Your dog’s space is cleaned every day.

Life at the Ranch is stimulating—so we ensure there’s a cozy place to get plenty of rest to maintain a healthy balance. More than one dog from the same family may share a room and we may pair your dog up if needed.

Let us know if you wish your dog to be crated, as you do at home—we can provide a crate.

Toys and Bones

At the Dog Ranch, toys are not necessary because dogs usually just nap after so much vigorous outdoor exercise. If we feel your dog needs something extra to stay occupied, we will provide a Kong with a tasty treat inside it. Raw bones are not allowed; the smell can agitate other dogs.

Administering Medications

Medication can be given with food in a pill or liquid format. We are only able to give subcutaneous injections. Please provide clear instructions in the original packaging from your Vet or Pharmacy, and pre-prepare the pills for each use (break pills in half if necessary). We keep a daily record of medication administered.

We also need to know what condition the medication is treating, so please call or email to brief us on your dogs’ medical issue, well before arrival.

The Dog Ranch keeps a daily record of medication administered. Extra medical care may be given by our staff such as bandaging, cleaning wounds, ointment application etc.

Special Surcharges

We are dedicated to ensuring every dog receives the care it needs for a happy, healthy, and safe stay. We understand some dogs have special needs and require considerably more care and attention. If your dog requires specialized handling for proper care, or has extraordinary medical considerations, a daily or one-time surcharge may be added at the discretion of Bowen Island Dog Ranch. Read about the special requirements surcharge.

Please call or email us to discuss your dog’s medical or medication needs if complex, otherwise you can mention what is needed on your application form.

Classic Boarding

Devoted care, daily health checks, oodles of affection, and lots of outdoor play and exercise exploring our magical rainforest and trails.

City & Bowen Shuttle Transportation

We make it easy to transport your Pup to the Dog Ranch with one of our three city shuttle options.

Vaccinations & Health Details

Please ensure your dogs vaccinations are up-to-date, and we are aware of any health issues.

“…the Bowen Island Dog Ranch is a special place for dogs and for dog owners. I wish I could give them 50 stars instead of the 5 star review option!”

~ Kenneth C

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