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Surcharges for Special Requirements


Happy Dogs

For when your dog needs some extra care and attention.

The Dog Ranch is dedicated to ensuring every dog receives the care it needs for a happy, healthy, and safe stay. We understand some dogs have special needs and require considerably more care and attention. If your dog requires specialized handling for proper care, or has extraordinary medical considerations, a daily or one-time surcharge may be added at the discretion of Bowen Island Dog Ranch. 

Whenever possible, we will inform clients at the time of booking. Any additional cost will vary with the complexity and time required for extra handling. When a circumstance arises after a dog has checked into the Bowen Island Dog Ranch, we will do our utmost to inform owners and agree on procedures and costs. We want to ensure the health and welfare of all our canine guests and Dog Ranch employees.

Examples where the surcharge may apply include, (but are not limited to):

  • Medical considerations such as giving injections, difficult pilling, or applying creams or drops multiple times a day – especially if a pet needs special handling to avoid injury or is exceptionally difficult to care for.
  • Segregated walks for dogs whose behaviour within the packs cause a safety concern, such as a dog who will not stop pestering. We always try to rearrange groups to find a good combination, but when that is not possible extra staff time is the only solution.
  • Puppies or geriatric dogs who, for whatever reason, cannot be in a pack but still require the proper amount of exercise and attention. We will always try to provide extra human companionship if pack play is not possible.
  • Some dogs, even if not aggressive, but which must be handled separately if they pose a risk to other dogs and/or employees under some circumstances. For example, a dog unresponsive to direction with respect to play, or a dog that fixates on another dog to the point of instigating a negative reaction.

Any concerns prior to booking? Send us an email to discuss or give us a call at (604) 947-6965.

We are is dedicated to ensuring every dog receives the attention and care it needs for a happy, healthy, and safe stay with us.

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