Bowen Island Dog Ranch Remembers Nowzad Dogs This Remembrance Day


On this poignant week where our hearts and minds remember those who have stood bravely on a battlefield to fight and protect our freedom, we want to bring to your attention, a charity in the UK called Nowzad dogs.

Have you heard of them? We hadn’t either until we came across an article about a dog named Thor (named to the road he was found on) who was spotted by a group of Canadian soldiers in Kandahar back in 2010 and then later rescued.

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What A Dog Would Say. Thanks Billy Collins.

Ever wondered what a dog poet would say? Here are two poems by Billy Collins from two different dogs. One you can read, and one you can watch. The first is short and sweet, the second, we’ll leave as a surprise for you. Here is the first:

A Dog on His Master…
As young as I look
I am growing faster than he
seven to one is the ratio they tend to say
whatever the number
I will pass him one day
and take the lead
the way I do on our walks in the woods
and if this ever manages to cross his mind
it will be the sweetest shadow I have ever cast
on snow
or grass

Now one you can watch. You can enjoy both poems here.

We Speak Dog and it sounds like Billy Collins does too.

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A Late FALL For Vancouver Means FLEAS! Ack! What To Do…

Rufus, one of our awesome Dog Ranch guests.

Flea season is upon us and it is going to be a harsh one this year. A few tips about protecting your pets and yourself against fleas and the parasites they carry.

Prevention is the best method to deal with fleas.

A monthly topical like Revolution or Advantage can be applied to prevent fleas from even being attracted to your pets. There are also oral preventatives, which are also given monthly, such as Trifexxis and Sentinel. These products can be purchased at your local veterinary clinic. Remember always consult with your veterinarian before giving your pets any sort of flea preventative or medication

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Bored Or Board? Keeping Vancouver Dogs Happy!

If you’re on the “wet coast” like we are, we know that our autumn sunny days are numbered and the rain is coming. We’re a little romantic about rain at The Ranch because we’re in the woods and it’s a beautiful thing to see raindrops on the leaves around us and a group of dogs playing outside!

That said, you are going to have some days when you simply can’t get your pup to us, and so:

Here are some tips to help keep your pup stimulated regardless of the weather!

1. Get Social!

And we’re not talking social media! If you aren’t able to go for a long walk on a beach, or to the park, or in the trails, take your dog out to meet people! Practice taking him to your local pet store or vet just to walk around and say Hi! It’s great for him and it connects you with your community too!

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So Like A Toddler, So Like A Dog.

Cheeky Charlie at The Ranch

Ever been in a restaurant with a toddler running around? They pull on table cloths, they squirm and slide under the table, they fling their food, and they demand attention all the time. It’s exhausting for the parents, the child and the other guests in the restaurant!

We’re not trying to suggest that dogs are like toddlers, although they are pretty close when they’re a puppy aren’t they? What we are saying, is that an untrained dog is exhausting for all parties involved including your dog!

To make the most of your relationship with your dog, you need to teach and train him or her some important skills that will help her, you and everyone involved so you can live happily together! As well, learning how to train your dog will enhance the bond between you and ensure her safety! Dogs love to learn and they love being rewarded. Here are some things to consider when starting out:

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